GT Riders trip up north part 2

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  1. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Back again for part 2

    So off we went again and after short ride next stop but hey this time NO Coffee, only picture taking oppoturnity and for Old man for a smoke..

    What a nice view point this was
    Where are we Guys???any on has idea?? :?:
    Something missing from the table....
    This fellow was in happy mood and looking down to us.
    And Morning coffee brake after left hotel.
    Jesper group guys had nice group but one of they HD had problems and they where doing oil change on the spot.Later on the same day on other HD was under repair on the road, they had really bad day
    Trent,, ohh Trent,, those what you mentioned?
    Refugee camp kids between Mae Sot-Mae Sariang
    and top up for Peter and then off to coffee brake around half way point on R105
    John investigating his nuts
    And eddie finds it amusing
    Now, again one mile stone completed, LT has now only one border where she hasn't been and that's down to malaysia, all other border points are completed
    Speed demon on the run, me and John had this thing going on quite a while, he stops on the some bend and take action photos and then after a while i was hanging around in some bush and snapping picture out of him in action, great fun
    No problem for LT as surface is hard,,on this spot
    Roads getting narrow but still comfortable to ride as speed is not needed or even recomended here,,,,John
    This is actually the very spot where i took that video clip of John speeding while i was in side that bush in the curve
    What a view again, i could spend hrs there just sitting and listening for sound of silence, in this point i was way behind every one as i was just crowling in 1st gear and enjoying sceenery
    How ever catch the guys little bit later.
    This spot got my attention as LT is not behave very good in the sad box, found outside line and no problem there
    Almost forgot,, FOOD, right after arrived to Mae Sariang and hotel, quick shower and EAT
    Found this nice half burned tree and opening there to take picture of Buddha on the far by hill, sadly my camera is not that good for long shots.
    Later on that same night went to out to river house and Peter found this unbeliveble combination of food. Yougurt with Mushli washed down with LEO mixed with sprite....yammy, i drank water and so did John
    HOLY COW,, next morning was cold as LT termometer shows and wet.
    quick guess in what condition was peter's sheep fuhr seat cover what was left out whole night :wink:
    Then off to bfast, in some how i have developet quite appetite, i took bfast 2 times, full meal and noticed the GT-Map on the table?
    we left, map stayed,yes we forgot it to there and found out that only when far up to entrance of national park on the way to Doi Inthanon, but later that night when we came back, peter when back to there and after few minutes got the map back, not everthing goes missing in Thailand.
    Now this is funny, in some how John has develop small bladder as he is on the way to molest that poor tree and have to say happens quite often :wink: "Captain Slash II?we had a lot's of fun on this trip,on of the funniest group so far, and yes it's getting better when Tony and Trent joins,,i have few exiting snaps from them as well
    Hey, an other coffee brake just entrance of National park and same place where Peter almost got extra passenger(mentioned in Johns post) Pussy got so intrested of his sheep sattle cover and she almost start to humping on peters bike
    In this point we realized that GT-map is missing, well back up map uot and Peter is looking other route back to Mae Sariang when we are coming back, yes we knew where to go but we missed the junction,,,hahahaha
    Reach the summit and John "Lining up" his GS for perfect photo
    It's somewhat hard to get 3guys in the same photo as there was no one else to take pictures
    Btw,, there was huge sign on the fence for NO PHOTO, so parently is not allowed to take this picture :roll:
    Now i can say that LT has been above the clowds, what a nice view it was
    Nice clear blue skies and fresh air, in this time temperature was nice +17c
    Now we found FOOD again, any one hungry? Pig stomach, i pass this time

    Ok, enought this time as it's time to go ride and look for Sisaket town a little.
    next part tomorrow..stay tuned
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  3. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Marco, real good fotos !!! I just wonder when you mentioned a stop for a smoke for the 'old man' did you mean Thawee, Ed or Peter ???? :p
    Further on, no wonder John had to use the toilet too often, just look at the amount of wrappers piled up on the table in front of him...he ate all that ????
    Right where you were dining, another observation: who in the hell did put a Sprite bottle next to Peter ???? Someone ruining his reputation... :lol:
    Porkstomach is good, just ask Thawee !!! :roll:
    Awaiting your next posting for the next assault on my friends, 55555 !!
    Cheers, Franz
  4. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Marco, Thanks for the pics and the humour. The bladder seems to have returned to normal size now, must be due to unaccustomed amout to drink with the regular stops.
    Hi Franz,
    Sorry you not able to join the ride, but good to have you join the 'what does the photo say' fun afterwards.
    Actually I did eat most of what was in those wrappers, I bought a few tasty snacks, opened up the packets to the assembled table, who all turned up their noses, and so I had to do the job myself. im leuw.
  5. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Franz, you should know that these guys eat and eat,,John no exception.
    Thawee,,dos he smoke, i dont recall to see him smoke or just did not pay attention so much, Eddie smoke but he is still a kid.
    Good old Peter is correct answer.
    Sprite and Peter do not mix????are you sure...ask him next time you talk...and it was waitress who put that bottle front of him.

    Who me,, assulting,,,,camera cant talk, so im just traslating what it would say... :wink:
    Im just one of those who likes to play with words (Finnish style,,if there is any :idea: )
    I gonna take some Vodka tonight and listen what camera tells me tonight so i can write it down for tomorrows post,, :twisted:
  6. feejer

    feejer Ol'Timer

    Great pix and report Marco! And you da man for taking the LT off the tarmac. I cant imagine riding mine on surfaces like that.
  7. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    when i was young, i use to drive rally(as so many FINNS do)
    So when it comes to difficult surface, i to study it first, i mena you know that LT is heavy and when it falls,,,we follow...

    So all precautions all the time are taken care of when im on the road, I dont risk's with this monster(or beauty)
  8. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Nice one Marco.

    It's lucky Franz was not with us:

    1. Nicotine addict.
    2. Would not be enough beer for me. :(
    3. He orders more food than Thawee.

  9. eddiezx9

    eddiezx9 Member

    sanook mak mak this trip
  10. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Haaaaa,, Franz is the one how is Food it :wink:
  11. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    One thing for sure- you will never be hungry if you ride with the GT Riders! :wink:

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