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  1. this 1999 model is in chiang mai, it is completely standard and has done 16,555 genuine kilometers. bike comes with plate and papers. for more info or to see the bike just send me an email and ill put you in contact with the seller.




  2. whoops forgot to say the owner is asking for 270,000baht.
  3. Chinosnake? [;)]
  4. i know the owner and i would not buy anything from this banana.
  5. Depends on whether you like bananas or not I guess.
    Also heard this arvo that it's not quite in such immaculate condition after an asphalt encounter a couple of days ago en route to Nan the long way.
    It must also be about time for another (lengthy) road & trip report from young luke...as surely it's time for yet another set of tyres = 1 road & trip report.
  6. thankyou for those comments fabrice ill let him know that you wont be interested in the bike...
    davidfl....no comment maybe potential viewers can come and have a look in a few weeks time as the bike in question is being "rested", and yes a new set of tyres has just gone on i think it could be that the chiang-mai lampang road is especially rasping on tyres anyone else find this??
  7. when i see how somchai run his business, i would not buy anything from him...............
    He sold me a cbr 400 that never went right and he is so focus on his job that after 6 month ,he haven t success to just change the name on the book.......
    He is more busy on drinking and party everynight and living such a desperado ,well a real banana ,i confirm ...stay away from this guy ...
    There is many nice bike to sell in the whole country ...
  8. ok fabrice you entitled to your opinions but he's a nice guy and i enjoy ridng with him.
    what is this thing about calling him a banana? is that like calling a frenchman a " frog ", or an englishman a " pom "?? please enlighten me...
    even if you dont intend to use his business i think its a bit low to slag him off behind his back on a weboard and your " stay away from this guy " makes him sound like a serial killer which he certainly is not as he's only ever killed one guy, to be a serial killer i think you have to kill more than one person.
    anyways i think enough said on this, anyone wanna buy the bike anyway its a real corker.., and it has a brand new paint job with grey and black " lacerations " on the left side and a one-off rear seat design, wind-tunnel tested.
  9. lot cheaper than another Busa in this web site, thiat's it.
  10. yes but the expensive one is one piece and sold already ,the other one is ripped apart ,falling into pieces .
  11. Hi,
    Very nice bike I'm interested in buying. I stay in Bkk but I can come to Changmai to see the bike and if I like I will buy. Pass me ur number my email is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] can pls send me some more pic.
    My number is 0818013987
  12. Dosent give a good impression of the last owner really that the rear tyre is almost on the canvas,
  13. Sonuchan, this bike might be sold as the post is from early 2007, 3.5 years ago. Regards, Franz
  14. So what's with the "banana" - ?!

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