Hello Chiang Mai! Greetings From Singapore! Motorcycle Servicing Shop Recommendations.

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by sgBikerBoy, Jun 25, 2016.

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    Hello folks! Greetings from a Singapore rider! I've just arrived Chiang Mai after 5 days of riding from Singapore through Malaysia, then Thailand. I'm planning to stay for 2 nights here, although I've booked my accommodation for the first night only. I'd be doing the Mae Hong Son loop on my bike, but I've yet to plan the route.

    Now, my bike is due for an oil change soon. As I'm rather particular about the oil I use, and coupled with the fact that I was unsure what to expect, I brought my own oil (and oil filter) along. I was wondering what the practice is here in Thailand - can I bring my oil and filter to a service shop and get them to do the oil change? I will pay for the labour charges of course. Is there a decent bike servicing shop that you'd recommend?

    Actually, I have the necessary tools and can technically do my own oil change. Used oil disposal might be an issue though. But, if I could pay someone to do it for me for a reasonable cost, I'd rather not dirty my hotel's parking area.

    Recommendations, anyone?
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    Thanks for the reply David!
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    Just an update - I eventually found a shop in Mae Sariang who did the oil change for me for 40baht - or about USD1.15. I have the necessary tools and was prepared to do it myself. But for 40baht and not having to break any sweat or get my hands dirty, it's a no brainier for me.
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    Sorted for 40 baht. An absolute winner then.
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    Sigh.... I do have to use Piston Shop afterall.... Bike broke down in Pai. Had it towed to Chiang Mai. Was in since last evening, but Nat and his overworked guys haven't had the chance to look at it yet. I was there about an hour ago, and I think my bike's next on the queue. Gonna be stranded in Chiang Mai for awhile. =(

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