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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by tj, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. tj

    tj New Member

    I am moving and need to sell my Honda TransAlp 400V. I've had it for two years and love it. It's a 1996 and in very good condition. I've maintained it regularly and put on new tires and chain this year. It has 51504 km and runs smooth and strong.It's big enough to tour and easy in traffic. Hate to sell it but don't want the expense of taking it home. Asking 70,000 baht or best offer 02 960 3378 06 034 2940
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  3. Mobaan

    Mobaan Member

    Where are you located?
  4. tj

    tj New Member

  5. john

    john Ol'Timer

    Hi TJ, Does your Trans Alp have a Thai plate and Green book? Where did you purchase it from? Thanks John
  6. Champasak

    Champasak Ol'Timer

    Pls send me a picture of the bike.
    My mate Inthy, the owner of the Kopchaideu Pub / Wildside in Vientiane is most definitely interested in the bike on my recommendation.
  7. tj

    tj New Member

    I do have a Thai plate and green owners book. I have the bike in the name of friend and have her copy o identification and signiture. I purchased it from a bike importer in Nonthaburi who has also done the servicing. I don't know anything about the previous owners or history.
  8. tj

    tj New Member

    I've mostly taken the bike to work, but have made a few trips to Kanchanaburi, Auyuthia, and Khao Yai. The bike water cooled which makes it nice in really hot weather. I do not know the history of the bike. but I have had no problems at all with it since I've owned it. I'll send a picture tonight. I have to sell the bike by next week.

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