How to transport your bike with you on Thai roads

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  1. Hi friends,

    My issue today is how to transport bikes along when travelling on Thai road.

    After acquiring my second hand SUZUKI DRZ 400 S, I had the unpleasant surprise (in fact it should not have been a surprise) that the bike, as too long, could not fit at the rear of my TOYOTA Hi-Lux TIger four doors 4wd pick-up car...

    Even if with an appropriate ramp (I bought at DIRT SHOP in BKK) it is easy to load with the engine on in first gear and unload with an engaged gear, the bike is too long (I try it on an other car TOYOTA Hilux 2 doors and it fits).

    Thus I am hardly thinking about- going to see Josef in Udon to aquire a trailor but before that i would like to ask you if any of you has experiments with what we know in France as a MOTOTRACK, a kind of big U in tube in which you fix and lift the bike front wheel and which trows the bike runing on the rear wheel or other solutions which could be helpful

    In France this si very popular for light bikes, and for long distanceswe use to disassemble the chain.

    What about Thailand, what would you think about Thai Autorities reaction, open question ???

    Thanks by advance for your comments and advises.
  2. Depending on how many Miles you want to do i would save your Money.
    You have a Few Options to Fit it on your Pick-Up which May work.
    Depending on the Distance just leave the Tail Gate down? You may not get away with this in Bangkok but no problem up here?
    I saw this in Mae Hong Son last time i was there, I would suggest leaving the Front Wheel Up?
    This is how i Carry our Spare Bike on Tour. Remove the Front Wheel and it Fit's in. Not Sure if it works on the Toyota?
    For Trailers best to contact Tropical John as he is the Resident Expert on them! Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.
  3. dr6501.
    Or you can do what Silverhawk did to transport his DR650
  4. You beat me to it T.J. I also transported my TDM850 from BKK the same way. I was told when leaving BKK with the TDM that I may have problems with the police, but I never did. I cannot see anyone (outside of BKK) giving you a hassle after some of the loads one sees carried by the Thai's in their trucks.

    I also found that if I can find a driveway or small hill, I just backup to it with the tailgate and drive on and off.


    Same way we loaded Davidfl's Africa Twin when we brought it back from Laos.

    I am familiar with this set up, but there was always a debate as to whether you should disconnect the chain, excessive wear on the gearbox, etc.
  5. I can get any bike I want into my car if i dismantle it into 50 bits,,,,,, DOH!

    lucky my bikes fit into the back of my wifes pickup.

  6. Mike

    When I was in the States, Ford did an anniversary Harley pick up edition, which had a similar set up in the back
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  18. Hi Friends,

    I must thank you all for your very interesting and wise posts, thanks again, it will save me money and help me by their creativity.

    After having think to it, even after having think to sell my 4 years old 3.0 G-Limited Auto 4WD 4 doors Hilux Sport Cruiser TOYOTA Pick-up in order to change it for a 2 doors Hilux Vigo TOYOTA (only 470.000 TBH) I think the best solution would be the MIKERUST's one, even if it is not so "authorised"...

    In fact, what would it cost is catch by Authorities ? Would you really think they will create big troubles for it if everything else is in good legal order ?

    I leave in Bangkok and take the highway to escape this huggly megapolis and then enjoy on the wonderfull Thai roads to go up in the country...

    I think to ask to an ironman to realise this accessory for me according to the picture, easy, and then I will add direction lights on sides as well as rear light + stop light in the rear middle to signal the lengh extension.

    What do you think then, do I miss something ? What would I risk then ? Does someone formally say it's very risky with the Authorities ?
  19. Make sure you always have a bag of donuts in the pick-up... Could help to smooth the Authorities

  20. I believe technically it is illegal to drive a pickup with the tailgate down. When I say technically, it is to prevent oversize loads like guys carrying 5m wood in a 2.5m truck!!but you can see them everyday here in BKK with wood or metal hanging off the back.

    You don't need lights but you need little red flag thing to hang from the rear of the tailgate just like you would in Europe.
  21. I was also told you must make sure that the number plate and taillights are visible. Azoulay's idea sounds OK to me.
  22. First time back onthe board for me for a while and as normal, I like to check out the "any messages" bit first. Great advice from all above, and good tips about doughnuts too (the cakey kind is spelt like that for us Brits and "donuts" are razzing the back end of a bike around).

    ANYWAY, back on track to Azoulay - mate, you live here in Thailand and for me, one of the main rasons to be here is that so long as you are not in anyone's face, nobody really gives a sh*t about how you go about your business! I would say, fit your bike into the truck with the tailgate down, stick a pole out the back a little way with something red tied on it (platic bag, rag e.t.c) and go for it (I went from Chiang Mai to Uttaradit with my XJR1200 like this). EVEN in the unlikely event that you do get busted, it's a damn sight cheaper than f#cking about buying trailers, U-tubes or whatever for what is likely to be an occassional event.....

    Hells Bells......


  23. Hi Pikey,

    In fact, I think you are 500 % right in your words, occassional event is really THE word.

    By constructing and installing such back gate I was caring about other safety but you are right occasional is the issue and maybe I should not build around that.

    Anyway thanks, it's amazing how it could be helpfull sometimes to receive other's opinion !!!

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