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  1. First of all, I like to say hi to all of you. I’m new on this board, but driving bikes since 1994 in Thailand on daily base.
    I have a good experiences how to get my spare parts or mechanic work. But now I need some help. In Germany is waiting for me a Hayabusa street fighter set, all together plastic, metal and light parts. These parts are all second hand.
    First I thought to bring it in by hand carry over the airport (I did this a couple of times before), but with the “new” custom checks I doubt that this will be a good idea.

    So, here my question;
    How much is the legal custom rate for used motorcycle spare parts ( pls. no link to the Thai custom official web page – there is nothing) or can anyone recommend an importer for German goods ( for Japanese imports I have, but they can’t handle imports from Germany …TIT)

    Thanks for helping
  2. 30% should be the correct rate.

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  3. I got some Touratech stuff sent over, bear in mind you also get charged duty on the postage and any insurance as well. I had a long friendly talk with the customs guy on why I was paying 30% on postage and he said, sorry but thats what's written up in his manual, so you have no choice.

    Have I missed something?
    What are these "new" checks?
  5. go to and you can read all about it

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