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    I don't usually use this crossing, but this weekend I was planning on trucking down the Motorway, the Sadao crossing is perfect for accessing the N-S motorway.

    I was looking to speed the process up by purchasing my insurance in Hat Yai prior to arrival, previously at Betong and Wang Prachan it has taken the insurance people an hour to make calls and print off a cover note and then a further 50 minutes at JPJ, but I was unsuccessful in my attempt.

    Im glad to say that at Sadao, things are improving - the departing immigration hall is now operational, and has been for 2 months. Malaysian coaches now drop off their passengers and circle the building ( ignoring the coach parking ) and collect their passengers at the exit for foot traffic. It makes getting through a bit tricky, as there are coaches blocking the exit and passengers walking everywhere.

    However, motorbikes and pillions have no need to queue and use the departure hall. Just follow the signs around the building and one of the white booths will be open.

    Its still not as simple as Malaysia, you have to dismount or get out of your vehicle and go to the window, but its better than queuing for upto an hour, as is the way on a Sunday afternoon.
    The whole process took a few minutes.

    I wasn't asked to produce a TM2/3 form but I was asked about this on return, this is a separate issue.

    After stamping out of Thailand, it was a simple process stamping into Malaysia - however, the whole border system is still a mess - coaches blocking traffic, cars doing U-turns, trucks backed up for 3km into Dannock and the area around the JPJ is being rebuilt.

    However, I called into Zurich insurance, they have an awning affair next to the JPJ office. I handed over a copy of my passport, drivers licence and the current owner page of my green book. I asked the price, she asked for 75 MYR, I have been paying 70 MYR.

    I asked why 5 MYR more than previous trips, she immediately discounted, which makes me think i should try 60 MYR next time. The agents in Betong don't seem to be on the level, one guy is based in a site office for construction and the agent in the tent takes your documents and rides off on a scooter and returns with your cover notes, they ask for 90 MYR in the first ( 200B is quite some difference ) but i thought the whole process at Sadao was very efficient and business like.

    I asked how long ? "10 mins" was the reply, time for a quick coffee next door. No calling to another agent, no waiting for an email to return, the girl sorted the cover note there and then. Perfect !

    Insurance can be purchased from 8.00 AM MY ( 7.00 AM TH ) and there is a Thai number - 081 - 7666 220

    However, during the quest for a HY based insurance agent, a Thai person informed me that if you use LINE messenger, send a picture of your green book, and both sides of your Thai DL then the paperwork can be prepared prior to arrival, and its just a matter of payment. Maybe helpful, as at 9.00 MY there was a queue of Malaysians buying insurance.

    The girl can be contacted on LINE by searching this number - 012-4584681 ( subject to change )

    JPJ Office
    There was one guy ahead of me, but I was out within 10-15 minutes, a pretty good service, all you need is a completed form from the insurance agent, a cover note, copy of your passport, copy of your translation and your original (Thai) DL.

    If you wish to speed up the process even further - heres a scan of the JPJ form, print off and complete prior to arrival.
    The Malaysian point of entry is called Bukit Kyu Hitam - If you don't have a hotel or a plan, you can just write a town such as Gerik, Ipoh or tourist destination Cameron Highlands.
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  3. DavidFL

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    Thanks for the update.

    60 MYR = about 500 baht?
    How long - many months - is the insurance for?
  4. rcm273

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    1 month - 600B

    Do you find that expensive ?

    3 months is a reasonable price, maybe around 1000B+
  5. DavidFL

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    yeah well 12 x 600 = 7,200 baht for a year.
    That strikes me as being a bit high, but this is Malaysia, right; so maybe is ok?
  6. rcm273

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    How much do you pay for the V-strom when you enter Laos ?

    Also SgBiker came through last month and posted a similar price when entering Thailand with his 200cc bike.

    I'm sure, it's not OK and continue searching for the source. Like I say, the agent at the border, seems to be a front person for some office, which seem a satellite for an office, and as I understand insurance in Thailand, everyone is freelance and trying to pile a commission on top.

    At Betong, I was asked for 900B but the guy settled on 750B after one request for a discount.
  7. DavidFL

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  8. sgBikerBoy


    The shop in Sadao I got my Thai insurance from. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. (see below)
    Purchased my insurance here in Thailand. Could have done it in Malaysia, but opted to get it here instead. Reason being that if an accident were to occur, I would like the Thai party to be able to claim from a Thai company. A Singapore-registered vehicle with a Malaysian insurance involving in an accident with a Thai = extremely messy!

    THB450 for a 3-month 3rd party insurance. Edit: I was scammed here. Very clearly, it says the minimum period for motorcycle insurance is THB450 for 3 months. After payment, the insurance papers was immediately folded and inserted into a nice envelope before presenting to me. Silly me for not checking. Only after I left the counter (and some days later), did I realised that the insurance was good only for ONE month, and was worth THB175! Scumbag!

    Many Singaporeans travelling to Thailand get their insurance from the Malaysia side instead. Cheaper, easier, and lesser reports of scams. I suspect you can do the same travelling from Thailand into Malaysia as well.

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  9. DavidFL

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    Yes not an uncommon trick.
    I had this happen at the Kenthao / Tha Li crossing once, going from Thailand into Laos.
    Now I pay by the year for Laos & check the dates properly.

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  10. rcm273

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    The whole place looks sketchy, who was the insurance company you got cover with ?

    When riding into Malaysia, Kurnia insurance have different rates depending upon size of engine and year of manufacture, I would be doubtful of any cover provided by these guys ..

    You can also see from the photo that a year only costs 3x price of a monthly ( for cars and trucks ) - I am going to speak to Zurich about the price of yearly cover for my bike, once I have yearly cover, I can get a yearly ICP, which means no more delays on the Malay side. I remember a 3 month cover for the bike being about 1.5x the price of a monthly cover.

    You mention you wanted to get cover with a Thai company - I suspect that the companies operating on the Malay side of the border are agents for Thai companies. The insurance companies that sit in Thailand ( Satun / Sungai Kolok ) and in no-mans-land ( Betong ) are still Malay companies even though they don't operate inside Malaysia.

    A guy on another forum used the info on this page, he contacted the Zurich girl through LINE messenger, and he paid an extra 400-500B to have them process his paperwork with the JPJ, he didnt have much choice as for some reason he didn't have a translation, and only a copy of his green book ( as his bike was on HP ).

    It used to be free to get the girl to help you out with a translation and put it past the JPJ, but it seems now there is a set fee, but it will save you a lot of time. The guy transferred the fee in advance and rocked up at the insurance counter, the ICP was processed, the cover note printed out - he said it took him longer to pair his BT headset than acquire his insurance from Zurich.

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  11. rcm273

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    Do you have a number for this guy in CK ?

    When I rode in through Pakse, I paid something like 600B for the Versys ? for two weeks, or a month ? I thought it was OK as i was used to paying a little more than that for a month in MY, but i have a feeling I paid over the odds.

    I wouldn't even mind getting it before I get to the border .. Im convinced all these agents in or around the immigration complex's everywhere are scam artists.

    Finger-X'd i never have to use any of their services.

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  12. DavidFL

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    I use AGL as they seem to be the biggest & with the most offices around.

    You can try an email here: [email protected]

    Motor Insurance | Insurance, Allianz General Laos

    The Third Party Liability Motor Insurance | Insurance, Allianz General Laos

    The premiums
  13. rcm273

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    Im just preparing some forms for a trip and I created a combined TM2/3 for use at the Sadao border, the same form that immigration will supply. I find it easier to complete prior to arrival at the border, there is never anywhere to sit and write.

    When riding a Thai bike, you will need to produce 2x forms, printed with the TM2 on one side and TM3 on the reverse when returning to Thailand, I presume Malaysian visitors will need to produce on departure to Malaysia at the end of the trip, its most strange, as one will be stamped and returned to you, you can safely throw it away.

    Its too large for the websites hosting, but you can find a copy here in my Dropbox - Website_Sadao_TM23 .pdf

    If you require a regular TM2 / 3 .. Dons life .. has recently updated his scans of immigration documents.

    You can find them here .. Thai Immigration Forms Updated July 2016 downloadable
  14. sgBikerBoy


    Thanks for compiling. I'm trying to find soft copies of the TM4 form. Any idea where it might be available?
  15. rcm273

    rcm273 Ol'Timer

    I have just been looking, there doesnt seem to be any TM4 online anymore, not at the official immigration website.

    I will head to Laos on Thursday, lets see if I need a TM4 then ..

    The TM2/3 form I posted may not be accepted at other crossings, it may be exclusive to Sadao. Betong ask for a regular copy, so if you are getting preparing a pack of paperwork for use at a later date, then use the regular from Dons life ..

    sgBikerBoy Have you been through Betong ? Its an enjoyable trip all the way from Ipoh on the motorway, through the tunnel, into Gerik / Royal Belum area, then into Thailand .. try it next trip.
  16. sgBikerBoy


    No, I've not done Betong. I've only rode from Malaysia to Thailand once, and that was though Sadao. I might do it on my next trip though - which I have no idea when it'll be.
  17. mr mike

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    rcm - heading down to KL from Phuket next week for the GP, think i've got all the paperwork in order (english translation of green book, copies of passport, green book, driving license, TM 2/3/4 forms....) - only thing your report didn't cover was the roman number plates which i understand are required? where can i get this done - Danok?
    must say i lived in Malaysia for 8 years and made trips up to Thailand scores of times and it was all much much easier in that direction....

    cheers mike
  18. rcm273

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    Yes .. You can get them constructed at the border but they will be just letters stuck on a piece of vinyl, they are usually car size too. If looks don't worry you then do it there.

    I had mine 'cut' at a local sticker place in Hat Yai, in sure some shop can do it for you in Phuket. I made mine to fit my rear pannier, did the layout in Photoshop and took them a jpeg. They aren't the official size, but no one cares.

    TBH, the only person who care are the JPJ, and at Dannock they never come out of their office to check, so up to you if you worry about it.
  19. rcm273

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    I asked about a TM4 the other week at Chon Mek, there doesn't seem a need for them anymore .. Just a 2/3 combined form that you need when returning to Thailand through Dannok. (Did I post this?)

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