Is there a Dyno company in Bangkok for bikes?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by thaicbr1, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Does any one know if there is a dyno company in Bangkok. i want to find one that knows and loves bikes.

    any info would be good.
    Thanks Allan
  2. There is Dynamic motors, just come to my mind
  3. As far as i know, there are 2 in bkk.

    One is at Redbaron. Not sure how advanced this is, but i heard that it's not a 'real' Dynojet. I could be wrong on this though. Anyway, to have your bike tuned in this one, you have to be a 'member' of Redbaron, and for this you have to have bought a bike from them.

    The other is at the Porsche dealership. They charge at least 10000 for a setup there, could be even more.

    If there is another Dyno in BKK, i would also be happy to know.

  4. yer thanks guys i knew about red baron the snobby bastards. i actually want to do some work on my cbr150. so it needs to be a place that understands an engine is an engine an not get anal about the size.
  5. Late again. :oops:

    Some time ago Matt at Tyga Performance built a CBR 150 motor for a drag bike. Mostly port work I think but a phone call/email would clarify.
  6. Ok found one near Bangkok. company called LEK CDI have one . so sorted, thanks Allan
  7. Fair go! Now that you're sorted how about providing the full contact details for the shop so other people can find it, like yourself when in need.
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  9. Good man too, thanks for contributing & sharing the info.
  10. thats really useful ...thanks

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