Kanchanaburi Province Last Sunday

Discussion in 'Western Thailand - Motorbiking Trip Report Forums' started by NDSinBKK, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Note that there are no pictures of the bike ON the ferry! :D

    I took that road, and it was fun. It is heavily overgrown with tons of leaves, twigs, branches and other vegetative-type stuff. It's also covered with cow flop (and its agents) - there are large herds of free range cattle all through that stretch, so you have to be mindful coming around the many sharp curves. It was a fun stretch of about 25km, but the ferry would have been fun too. Next time...
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    Wow, you did a GREAT job of documenting that road. I'm unfortunately like Dougal - I just ripped through it with only the photos to which I had linked earlier. My only excuse was that it was a 600+km day trip from and back to BKK...

    The road is in very similar condition, though the avalanche symptoms are a bit more pronounced and in this season there is more overgrowth. There is considerable debris on the road, some vegetative and some the dreaded gravel. You have to watch your backside...

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