Kawasaki GPZ 1000 RX with GB *** SOLD ***

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  1. Will break her - anyone needing a running GPZ 1000 RX engine or parts, drop me an e-mail.

    Ride on!

  2. Here's 3 of the photos.

    The rest are here: http://s891.photobucket.com/albums/ac112/kf6vci/MHS%20Loop%20July%202010/Kawasaki%20GPZ%201000%20RX%20FSBO%20at%2069%20k%20ONO%20with%20book/



  3. Cheers, Captain Wally!
  4. Update
    1.) I'm not sure whether 44,397 km is the true mileage, but given the bike's age, I wonder.

    2.) Seeing the packaging of the K&N filter I ordered in WI reminds me to point that out as well.

    3.) Piston Shop will get 5%. there have been 2 responses. One guy knows these Kawasaki big bikes well and wants to trade a CBR 250 RR four (the red line starts at 19,000 rpm). Another biker may want to break it.

    I just entered 69 grand to put a price in, as I hate ads where one has to call to get this crucial information. But more importantly, I'm open for offers or trade in of a Honda step through

    Obviously, 69 k is too high, given the responses or lack thereof.

  5. Will break the bike - a rider in Phuket wants the frame.
    Any suggestions what to do with the other parts?

    Take the CDI, the carbs and odd bits and pieces and leave the rest behind?
    Would the tires fit another Kawasaki, like a GPZ 900? (New Bridgestones)?
    Anyone needing a complete engine for some project?

    Thanks again for the help, Captain Wally!


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