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    Brand New

    So here's my new Z800.
    Cost 383k bht including one year first class insurance which is on a par with European prices.
    My impression of bike so far is that is perfect for me, not designed for stupid speeds (I'm too old) but lots of low end power and corners great. You can have alot of fun in the twisties until the road turns to sand @ 120kph (not nice).
    Do not like the seat or maybe it's riding position so am looking around for rearsets, bars and seat options.

    Mods so far.
    Let's start with exhaust. Akrapovic advertised on group in facebook (Thai). Paid 21500bht and 1500bht for someone to collect after checking it was complete. Once fitted realised no removable baffle so straight on the phone to be told it was definately sent, so call guy who picked it up to be told definately not sent. What to do? To replace will cost around 70 euros so would have been cheaper buying new instead of trying to keep money in Thailand.
    Anyway fitting was straight forward, butterfly valve cables were tricky and an extra pair of hands would have helped.
    Green Akrapovic sticker was another adventure (dealing with Thais is not easy).

    Other mods-

    Shorty levers with green span adjusters cheap from China, Ebay but look and feel good.
    Full set of black probolt fasteners (engine, fairing, preload adjusters, oil filler, rear brake resovoir cover etc, etc etc)
    Cheap pillion cover with Monster logo from China, looks good but may get genuine Kawasaki in the future.
    Rizoma tail tidy which was a bit fiddly to fit, probably easier if I'd read the instructions first.
    Carbon pillion footrest insert thingies from US, had to paint origional fasteners.
    Heineken can wrapped around shock resovoir, which I think is cool, some may not.
    Black radiator guard from Germany with Z800 logo which vibrates so will have to investigate.
    Rizoma crash bungs. Note try to do one bolt at a time as part of engine mount, spent hours on my own trying to get holes to line up again.
    Headlight protector tinted that I'm not too happy with (not a good fit, powerbronze I think)
    Rizoma fly screen. Looks great but as with all Rizoma gear, expensive.
    Think that's it so far.

    Still to fit -

    Smoke rear light with integrated indicators.
    Barracuda front indicators.
    Gipro gear indicator (green illuminaton) Always hunting for 7th gear.
    K&N filters and irridium spark plugs.

    On order -

    R&G frame plugs and front spindle bungs.

    Still to buy -

    Dynojet PCV, autotune and quickshifter.
    Carbon hugger.
    Bars (Rizoma or Renthal)
    Softer seat.
    Rizoma bar end mirrors.
    Brake lines and maybe a Brembo set up in the future.

    Incidentally I had a big bust up with the missus before I left for work overseas and both my bikes are in her name so if anyone sees this bike or a pimped out KLX for sale. Please don't buy either.
  2. Nicely done! She's a beauty!

    It's funny, on paper the Z800's numbers aren't terribly impressive but in real life this bike flies- very useable power and excellent handling- a very confidence inspiring ride!

    Wonder if I can talk your missus into trading it for my Versys :mrgreen:


    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  3. She'd likely let it go for a bowl of SomTam and a big bottle of Leo, just to get back at me..........
  4. Well done Jimmy, great to see someone with enough spare cash & good taste to get customizing on a z800....I like :thumbup:

    The stock mirrors on the bike really kill the look imo, you will transform the overall look once you get the bar end mirrors fitted!

    Can I be bold and chuck a few suggestions your way!

    Dynojet PCV, autotune
    I got a mate in Malaysia that has been running a re-flashed ecu by ECUnleashed & he told me: "I can't believe that my super smooth bike just got smoother, the extra power is really noticeable in all the gears & the reduced engine braking would have been worth the re-flash on it's own"!! He doesn't do forums but he is super happy.
    Just something to think about, only "plug n play" in your re-flashed ecu & done. No stuffing boxes under your seat & routing & connecting endless PCv wiring harnesses or reliability issues in the future!! I got a PCv with AT on my DTracker btw.....I know about endless wires...lol One of my piggyback connectors had water inside it & stopped the bike from starting last month! Had to disconnect & reconnect everything with wd40, with no real Power Commander centers/service in Thailand I feel a little vulnerable to reliability issues.

    I really like the look & quality of SW-Motech products. There engine protectors & axle sliders are fantastic imo & available locally from Thailand.



    Brake lines and maybe a Brembo set up in the future.
    If money is not an issue then obviously nice brake lines would be great but just a new set of pads make a tremendous difference if your budget is getting low!
    I got mates in the UK on big Zeds that swear by these pads & transform the bikes braking ability!!
    DP Brakes Sport HH+ Sintered Front Brake Pads SDP922HH+
    Great initial bite, better feel & way improved high speed braking. The EBC equivalent work well but are very noisy compared to the DP's.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more of the transformation photos on your Zed. :thumbup:

    What would also look good on the bike is a blingy looking gold x-ring chain & a fancy sprocket, like a Vortex or Supersprox stealth. The stock chain & sprocket looks really drab & boring imo.
  5. Joel,
    Thanks for suggestions, will look into them.
    Trying not to go too crazy with the shopping, as you may have seen I spent silly money on my KLX all at once and it still hasn't reached it first service after 16 months. And looking at it now I think I went too far with the green so am currently trying to source carbon bits to black it back a little. Radiator shrouds were 5100bht last week on import tax alone. Still got to order big bore too.
    As for ECU, I like the idea of Auto-tune (one on KLX) and messing around with wires, spending hours scratching my head, drinking beer and smoking is all part of the fun for me.
    Back in Thailand in a couple of weeks and will recommence tinkering (if she's not sold the bikes and left me)
    First job is to break open both instrument clusters and change the backlighting to green.
  6. tankpad_zpse7870339.

    2500 baht for tank pad advertised as Rizoma, I think I've been duped.
  7. Hi, what is the price of the reflash on the z800, has anyone ventured along those lines here yet?
  8. Hi, a reflash on the z8 sounds great, where can I get this done, bkk, pattaya ? I mailed the link you sent on face book and email but nobody responded, bikes lookin grat now just need the full power to the wheels,,,,any sggestions please
  9. Hi , I have no idea really about the reflash thingy , ive just got a PCV and a little stumped for fitting it lol..
  10. Loving the Green Krapovic sticker!
  11. My mate from KL in Malaysia found the Thai Unleashed distributor to be uncontactable by email at the time....typical behavior for TiT. Maybe you can get a Thai person to call them & found out the score.

    He is sailing somewhere in the Med at the moment so I can only say that he posted his ecu to the US & it took a little over 3 weeks to plug back into his bike, I think it was about $400 + shipping.

    There is a Australian distributor but it's still international mail.

    Ecunleashed Malaysian dealership: https://www.facebook.com/MotocraftLab?rf=372611679551302&filter=1 Motocraft Performance Lab

    My friend is very happy with his faster, smoother & guttsier z800 that keeps up with stock z1000's now & good value bang for buck for 10% more power, it's still 400 bucks though. I think smoother throttle & less engine braking is what everyone really appreciates from a reflash. But think carefully about your bike being off the road for nearly a month if things go slowly with the post etc & if you ecu gets lost in the post, how much will a replacement cost if worst case scenario happens?? 15K+ i'm betting, so best ask Kawasaki the price before pulling the trigger. Up to you Sir.
  13. Great thanks for that info, yes I have the ecu you mention, ive mailed my uk unleashed so hope they can help, ive got an akro pipe on at the mo but its still running through the cat but that is very easily sorted here in pattaya, I look forward to the new power bike. lets hope they can do the business, cheers
  14. They look like a professional bunch of guys. Make sure you ask all & i mean ask all the right questions about their tunefile & exactly what is does! It might even be a stolen copy of an ecunleahed tunefile uploaded from an ecu they got their hands on, which would be good thing. Who really knows when you try & cut corners or save money with the unknown.

    Nels & Frank appear on virtually every sport bike forums with tons of happy customers that got exactly what they paid for.

    Think carefully & good luck.
  15. they appeared on the ecu unleashed webpage list so would assume they are legit,,,
  16. Sorry Jack I didn't know they are on there webpage, i'll reel my neck in...lol. They weren't there or at least authorized last year when my mate got his done, he is Malaysian & did a lot research before pulling the trigger. That's good news for you.

    Much safer registered ems to Malaysia than the states I recon.

    Keep us posted with your thoughts & results of the power difference when you get her flashed.
  17. Lol, yes I looked and found the 2 nearest in Malaysia and bkk but still had no reply from bkk, I will get a thai chap to call the bkk office tomorrow and see if they respond, ive mailed the head office too, hopefully hey will respond with some ideas , I would take it back to the uk as well but aint had a response from them either,,,,,how do they do business, my z8 is in bits at the moment having a retro paint job in pattaya so it will be off road for ten days, be nice to send and get it back in that time period, check out our thai riding vids if you like,
  18. cat now removed thanks to my mate cat
  19. Jack
    How'd you get on with reflash? I'm gonna try and get mine done when back in UK over New Year. Bike's back firing too much after decat and dynojet goodies.
  20. why are the bikes in your wifes name thats very risky and uneccessary ,,, get the books in your name ,, she can sell them legally to anyone if she wants to and you have zero comeback...
  21. I understand what you are saying but trust me, this one's different from other Thai girls....:roll:
  22. I hear this conversation on every forum if you can not trust your wife whether Thai or English what is the point
    i have 7 vehicles in my wife's name she taxes insures pays any traffic violations I incurr
    i have told her if we split she gets the house I get the bikes
    i have hidden the green books tho ha ha
    maybe ime not so trusting
  23. A wise person once said to me - Only invest in Thailand what you can afford to lose :)

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