Kawasaki ZX14R / ZZR1400 coming to Thailand in 2013!

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, May 25, 2012.

  1. Kawasaki had the mighty ZX14R (ZZR1400) on display at the Bangkok Motor Show with a price tag of 799k Baht (which is a good deal cheaper than the slower fugly Suzuki Hayabusa).

    Anticipated launch in Thailand early 2013. Current model is the fastest most powerful street legal motorcycle on the planet- WOOT!

    FYI, if you don't want to wait for Kawasaki, Thailand, Red Baron has a brand new US Spec 2012 ZX14R on their showroom floor for only 715k Baht-

    Let the Good Times ROLL!
  2. Tony,
    Is Red Baron's practice of you purchasing the bike and a 3 month or so wait for it to be plated following homologation still going on?
    There is always the risk then of it failing and additional costs?
  3. A Fantastic and Beautiful Bike and What a Fantastic Price compared to the Competition, That is if You can actually Regard any other Bike as Competition for it? Lets Hope it isn't Restricted like the ZX10 was here in Thailand?
  4. It is still a couple of hundred thousand more than in Australia, where they have significant taxes included as well... but definitely things looking up for Thailand...

    One of my mates here rides one... he loves it...
  5. Stopped by Kawasaki Rama 9 today and the mighty 2012 Ninja ZX14R is now on display-

    No firm decision yet on sales date or price, other than it should be available around the New Year and the price should be less than 800k Baht.


    Some will say that 218 horsepower is excessive. I say, what the hell, you only live once! :take-that:

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  6. Wow! 218HP! Very tempting!!!
  7. Went back to drool over the Ninja ZX14R again today- what a cockpit!

    How many bikes would I have to sell to buy one of these.... Hmmmm.... :lol:
  8. Good God 218 HP?!?! :D

    Of course you'll be running behind the cheapo versyses and motards when riding the twisties up north. On the plus side, it's the perfect tool to escape BKK as quickly as humanly possible :D
  9. Certainly "nimble" is not a word I'd use to describe the ZX14R ;-)

    But Bangkok to CM in 3 hours should be quite possible on this green missile :lolno:

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

    Tony :lol-sign:
  10. My friend Yut getting artsy with the ZX14R
  11. It might Surprise a few People with it's Handling? I have seen some Big Bikes Ridden Really fast and the Write ups on this ZX14 are all good! Sure is Beautiful!
  12. What a beautiful bike !! Does anyone know what this sledgehammer weighs ? I think I might visit Kawasaki once they have it up here........just want to know the comfort you get once on this bike. Cheers, Franz
  13. Franz, i think it looks better in real...seen it twice and i was very impressed ....goes well with pink rims and a topbox :) lol
  14. I say Big Men need Big Bikes Franz! You only live once and what a way to Go! I am very tempted Myself!!! Discount for 2?
  15. I say we approach Kawasaki, Thailand with a GT-Rider group buy.

    I reckon the rental companies must get a "fleet rate" on the bikes they buy?

    Wonder how many ZX14R's we'd have to order to get a fleet rate?

    Seriously interested!

  16. Your are Our Kawasaki "Insider" so have a go? You should at least get a discount for yourself after all the Kawasaki's You have brought New! Must be one of their Best Customers!!! Good Luck!
  17. Just looked up the Specs of the european one without the performance parts yet.
    weight fuelled 268 kgs (US site says 584.3 lbs)
    fuel capacity 22 lts (US site says 5.8 gal)

    Ian, if I would have 'some not used cash' I would really consider it. On the other hand side I was hoping that this one would be a little lighter but saving only ~30 kgs compared to the FJR is not worth it for me and it's got a more racing-like seating position which I actually didn't appreciate on the race bikes tried previously. Also the tank capacity is smaller by 4 liters than on the FJR. Me thinks I will stick loyally to my big old black, pink-pinstriped lady 5555555.
    Cheers, Franz
  18. You should go sit on one Franz- it's a very roomy bike with a big comfy seat and relaxed ergonomics, not extreme like a supersport at all.

    A lot of the weight is in the huge exhaust cans that are needed to make this 1,441 cc bike comply with emissions and noise regulations- one could cut a LOT of weight with aftermarket silencers.

    I love the analog gauges, adjustable power modes and adjustable traction control.
  19. I love how the speedo guage line just fade away ever so slightly suggesting she'll keep on going well past 280kmh / 180mph!! :)

    Is it time to let go of the Mighty Tiger? I wonder.......
  20. i had a fairly had an extensively modified zx12r in oz for years , love that bike.
    i had ridden a zx14r in oz and they certainly are i missile.
    the seating position is very user friendly, much more so then most sorts bike i.e. r1 or gsxr.
    i am fairly big though , about 6'3" , and i was very comfortable on the 14.
    will seriously look ay one when they become available , mainly because i hate hayabusa's.

  21. ... however, the 'busa is THE bike to pull chicks in Thailand. Got it on good authority from a Thai motorbike gang we met along the road somewhere. Everyone agreed on this. FYI 555
  22. Almost convincingly a real Bangkok to Chiang Mai commuter!
    If the price is right, I would give it serious consideration.
  23. 424205_303150549782694_795651219_n.jpg

    The ZX14R is coming! Price higher than I'd hoped at 879k Baht. Still waiting for a straight answer as to whether it's full power or restricted.
  24. Heard it is surprisingly easy to ride for such a big, powerful bike. Red Baron have a new 2011 Hayabusa for 690k, is the ZX14 worth another 200k?
  25. No.

    But if it is the bike of your dreams... you only live once.

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