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  1. For those interested in 'rumble in the jungle' stuff, I am led to believe that the KLX 450 will be introduced into Thailand next year, about mid April.
  2. Wow... here's what I am thinking....


    126 kg wet weight! Hmm another site has it at 135kg weight, and 56HP. Still ... http://www.mbike.com/kawasaki/klx450r/2011

    Did they say whether it's Thai built or imported?
  3. I certainly Hope You are Right Ron! If it's True I now Know what My Next New Bike will Be!!!
  4. Where can I place my order?
  5. Really hope this turn out to be true! Will start saving already!
  6. Nice rumor, hope its true.

    Would it need to have FI to be sold in Thailand, pass emissions laws ?

    The latest KLX450's sold elsewhere are still carbed
  7. In code OK then. The land of smiles designated some time ago by Green Meany Big bosses, for more Kwackers to be born, not from the stork or the soil, but honest labour of robot machines.
    so 450, 750, 1000 bores and cylinders one, two and more, will in time indeterminate be made here, where once rice, corn, cane and rubber grew tall. Today, tommorrow, or many moons to come, best ask the gypsy to look in her ball.
  8. GREAT post John (dare I say 5 stars!)
  9. Undoubtedly.

    Selling a hot item like the KLX450 here would make sense though.Will make an awesome supermoto, that thing. I'll check with my sources ... :p
  10. I don't know any thing about gypsy's, carburetors, codes or what ever (I am/was a simple advertising man) but I have faith in my source. In any event if you were running Kawa right now, what would you do? A KLX 450 makes absolute sense in the context of their BOI status, market position, product portfolio and their apparent determination to deliver sensibly priced desirable products.
    Just for those who missed it, my statement was 'I am led to believe'....... As I dont work for Kawasaki or for that matter any one else, we will just have to wait and see what eventuates. TIT.:shock:
  11. If you post a rumor, it's always the same pattern. Some get excited. Then the doubters arrive and doubt everything.

    Thanks for the post b/c I'll seriously consider that bike, motard converted of course.

    Mr. Bungy is right when he says that Kawasaki is eventually going to make all their bikes here. I can say with equal confidence that eventually all their bikes will be FI.
  12. Oh well looks like the missus won't be getting her Honda jazz now something important has just come up , did the gypsy say how much it could be /would be? Think I would need a set of road wheels as well though !
  13. I will defo be in the queue for one of these!
    May the wait be short, and the price so low it's laughable.
  14. I would Guess that this will be a All New Model as the current KLX450 is Not a Road Legal Bike in most Markets! And I doubt it would be worth Selling here unless it is Road Legal? Given that thought it probably wouldn't be to much Drama to go along the lines of the 150 & 250 and have 2 Models like the KLX and the D-Tracker? Now wouldn't that be Great!!! The Motocross Bikes are already Injected so no drama to Carry it over to the Road Version? I am very Surprised they haven't upgraded the KLR 650 to Fuel Injection and Sell that here as well? Never know maybe this will happen next Year as well?
  15. Whats the maint schedule like on these ?? As much fun as it looks in motard form I tend to shy away from engines whose service schedule is measured in hours not miles..

    If its not too bad, and with Kwaker backup.. Becomes very appealing and makes DRZ options at mid 30 bhp stock a lot less compelling.
  16. I have been told earlier Today(not from the gypsy's/man in the pub/) that there is a very good chance of this in 2012 being sold after JUNE 2012 which sounds great to me but then again it's all about IF AND HOW MUCH , must admit I always stayed clear of kawasakis After a few zxr engine rebuilds from the past and then when I had the choice of Suzuki/Honda in the Uk which I found much more reliable and by far better build quality and stronger engines but hey what can you do and my Klx is still going so I am happy!!!!
    Why not let's take a vote if the Klx 450 will be available in 2012
    I say YES.. about 260,000 baht+ and 41bhp restricted with a usual ECU to de-restrict ?
  17. ,

    Looks like they're not sold in the US anymore, just old stock 2009 models for around $7.5k

    Conversely, Australia has 2012 models for AUD $11300. However Oz is ridiculously expensive, even the KLX250's are $7k+

    Your Bt260k guess sounds about right, ie, around US$8-8.5k
  18. Thanks for that Bill, You can Clearly see in the Australian Link You posted that the Bike is Fully Road Legal and has all the Kit required so leaves some encouraging prospects! Thanks!!! Now Fingers Crossed!
  19. Attached is what the 2009 KLX450R owners manual says about the service intervals. Quite often, but if Kawa Thailand would support this in every shop with reasonable prices, maybe less of a problem.

    Does anyone know how much one can stretch the below piston replacement km numbers in "hobby" use as I assume those service intervals in the owners manual are for race use? Three times more = 4500km?

    Attached files 270850=4947-screen.
  20. If the KLX450 is sold here it will have to be a Totally New Version somewhat De-Tuned compared to the "R" Full Enduro Race Version You have posted the Service Schedule to? Replacing the Piston every 1500kms is beyond Absurd!!! Hell Even Changing the Oil that often is ridiculous if Someone wants to Use the Bike for any sort of Trip!!! It would make the Bike Unusable for any form of Normal Use? The New one if Road Legal would have to have service intervals more like the 250 Versions and Reliability to match?
  21. If they sell the KLX450 here, I certainly hope the service intervals are longer as you said. Would be great to have a bike with the frame and suspension of the KLX450R and engine life time of KLX250S. That would probably mean 35hp in stock form and about 40hp when open up (exhaust, airbox and fuel mods). At least for me that would be a great bike!

    But looking at the 450 enduros in the market (the four japanese, KTM and BMW), all seem to have very high tuned engines with very short service interval. I saw KTM 450 enduro manual saying 45hours for piston change for race use and 90 hours for hobby use. So I think Kawa would be similar, more km in less abusive use. Just wonder if anyone has real life experience of this?
  22. From what I've read, a hobby rider could get roughly 10,000km out of the piston/rings, and around 5000km inbetween valve jobs.
    Lots of variables to consider though.

    You will know when the valves are wearing because the clearance will close up as the valve wears and recedes into the valve seat.
    The KLX450 has titanium intake valves which wear quicker than the stainless steel exhaust exhaust valves.

    Some people replace the titanium intake valves with SS.

    Following is a relevant thread, probably loads more out there

  23. wow, the klx450 supermoto would be one hell of a great bike for Thailand. An affordable DRZ400 in mean green with green book! ..........There will be a shed load of secondhand D-Trackers for sale if Kawasaki pull this off, including mine!!! any offers?? lol :wink:
  24. Thats what I have been saying all along.. I love the idea of this bike, but this is a high performance machine, with high performance maint schedules, that they have fitted a road kit too.

    Unless its service life is far more useable real world, and Kawa have a full support system where they take on the hassle factor, its just not a machine I can use as much as I would want.
  25. I rang the dealer I bought my KLX from the other day.. He said he had a meeting with Kawa the day before.
    They didn't mention the KLX450.. But did say they are manufacturing new models in Thailand and there will be more made in Japan bikes being imported.
    Asked him to see if he can find out about the KLX 450 and if true will buy from him..


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