Kuala Lumpur to Ko Lanta

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  1. rob7711

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    This was another good ride full of "adventure" ... pit stops, night ride, mountain crossing, sea crossing, off roading all rolled into 3D 2N and 1730km. This ride took place mid July 2012.

    We left rv at midnite as scheduled and rode the NS highway all the way to Changlun. Of course the adventure bit started a bit early on the ride as we had to make a pit stop in Ipoh for supper and also to remove my hugger as it was rubbing on my new tires. So after a quick fix and with the hugger stowed away we rode on reaching Changlun around 5:30am. We did our forex, immigration forms and insurance and after a short breakfast we headed to Wang Kelian where we did our border crossing ..




    The ride from Changlun to Wang Kelian border crossing is an excellent ride passing through sugar cane plantations and the Timah Tasoh dam further north. From Timah Tasoh the route takes us across a mountain range before descending to the border post. Doing this stretch in the early hours of the morning is like being in MHS in December ... absolutely fantastic views.

    Since this was a minor border crossing the post is only opened at 8:00am Malaysian time.
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  3. rob7711

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    We rode the secondary roads towards Krabi district but we got a drenching shortly after the border crossing.




    At our fav kind of pitstop ... iced blended mochas!
  4. rob7711

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    We made 2 ferry crossings first to little lanta and then to big lanta all for the price of 70bht one way ..



    Arriving on little lanta we then took a short ride to the other side of the island for the next ferry ride to big lanta


  5. rob7711

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    Arriving at Big Lanta we went searching for a suitable hotel for our 2 nights stay finally settling on Southern Lanta Resort. Quite a few resorts were closed for maintenance as this was the off season so we practically had the resort and the island to ourselves!







  6. rob7711

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    Then it was onto the beach. That evening we were blessed with a beautiful sunset ...






  7. rob7711

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    That night we headed into Saladan town for a delicious sea food dinner ..








    Sorry about the food pics if it has got you all hungry ... :)
  8. rob7711

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    We spent the next day just touring the entire island and sightseeing. The paved roads are in good condition as is the norm all over thailand and views were excellent ...



    It's obvious here that one of the monkeys need to go back to school for a refresher course!






    Nice cup!






  9. rob7711

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    Time to say goodbye to Ko Lanta and thanks for reading.



  10. schackster

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    Hi Rob , its a pity you didnt allow a few extra days for the trip. Koh Lanta is a great place to visit. On a previous trip report you were riding a 1400 Concourse , have you changed over to Versys now ? They seem to be really popular in Malaysia
  11. rob7711

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    Hi Gary ... I still have the GTR1400 for fast runs and a HD Road King for leisurely cruising. We bought the Versys for our year end Laos trip this year. Had a bad experience on my GTR1400 during our last ride to Cambodia due to the poor road conditions there. We expect Laos to be similar or worse so a lighter bike would be better. The Versys is about the cheapest "big" bike over here due to it being CKD and frankly quite a fun bike.
  12. jackdaw

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    Thanks for posting some amazing pics, especially the sunsets from Klong Dao with Phi-Phi on the horizon. Remembering the ferries onto the island made me smile. They squeezed our bike into an impossibly small space, but we got on.
  13. rob7711

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    Glad that the sunshine and beach brought back warm memories for you bro. Cheers!
  14. Vic Alborn

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    I am planning a trip into Thailand from Penang with a Malaysian registered bike and would prefer to avoid Highway 4 and Hat Yai - I don't much like crowds!
    So: You can process exit paperwork (including Thai bike insurence) from Malaysia at Changlun and proceed to Wang Kelian to enter Thailand?
    Cheers and thanks in advance,
    Vic (AKA: Ah boon)
  15. rob7711

    rob7711 Ol'Timer

    That is correct. Wang Kelian is pretty small and not being too familiar with the place so we did all our immigration card, insurance and forex at changlun before heading out to Wang Kelian. You can ride the B roads from there to Ko Lanta and avoid the boring highway this way. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  16. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    hi there...i m also from penang...drop me a line...perhaps i can assist in some ways...been the wang kelian numerous times...nice n windy roads...simply beautiful...
  17. Vic Alborn

    Vic Alborn Ol'Timer

    Thanks rob7711 for a prompt and useful reply.
    Ah boon
  18. Vic Alborn

    Vic Alborn Ol'Timer

    Hello tehsk30,
    Thanks for your kind offer of help.
    My only (small) problem now is the motorcycle forms. I would like to fill them out ahead of time.
    I went to the Thai consulate here in Penang and have the visa aplcation form and I plan to present that this morning.
    I asked for the motorcycle forms but they didn't know/didn't want to know what I was asking!
    Unfortunately, downloading and printing is not an option as a printer is not something one wants to carry when travelling!!
    Maybe I can download to a data stick then find a photo shop? - or fill them out at Changlun (or Wang Kelian??)
    What do you do?
    Ah boon
  19. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    for malaysian regitered bike, i normally go to changloon....stop to have breakfast and pass the shop to do all the paperwork...i.e. immigration card,insurance...change THB ... Then the ride to wang kelian est 1/2 only....free n easy. the coffee shop opens from 6am if i m not mistaken. call me if u need further.happy ride my fren :)
  20. rob7711

    rob7711 Ol'Timer

    For a Malaysian registered vehicle all you need to do as far as paperwork is concerned is to bring along your vehicle registration card and your passport. There are no forms for you to pre-fill in advance as these are only done by thai customs. (The caveat to this is that you must be the registered owner of the vehicle and there is no lien on the vehicle by others .. meaning financial institution/banks. Otherwise you would need a "no objection" letter from the financial institution/bank to export the vehicle.). Hand these documents to the thai customs and they will key in your vehicle details and print out a duly filled form which is the temporary vehicle import form which you will need to surrender when exiting thailand. As always a nominal "overtime fee" needs to be paid for this which is 20bht or rm2.

    Note that this process will get done quicker on your next subsequent border crossing as your vehicle details are now captured on their system and merely needs to be printed out. Don't loose the form or you will face a hefty fine equivalent to the brand new price of the vehicle.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!
  21. Vic Alborn

    Vic Alborn Ol'Timer

    rob7711: -
    Thanks Rob - all my questions answered!

    tehsk30: -
    I have your number, thanks - so maybe we can meet-up when I get back.

    Cheers and ride safe,
  22. rob7711

    rob7711 Ol'Timer

    Have a wonderful trip and ride safely. Do post your rr to share with us. Cheers!
  23. Jurgen

    Jurgen Moderator

    Nice ride, thank you for your enticing information and illustration
  24. Vic Alborn

    Vic Alborn Ol'Timer

    I guess I should start a new "thread"???
    As an "oldie" I am not yet competent with sites such as GT-Rider but I will give it a go.
  25. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    rider never grow old....just wiser....:)
  26. Vic Alborn

    Vic Alborn Ol'Timer

    You are very kind!

    My first attempt at a trip report (after much fussing with photo upload) appears on this forum. Your fault - you encouraged me!!:D


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