Laos and Cambodia border.

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  1. Tanarthur

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    Is there anyway to enter Cambodia from Laos? What is the name of the check point. Or I can only exit to Thailand and enter Cambodia from Thailand? Thanks
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  3. phuketrichard

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    there is an overland entry point at Koh Chheuteal & Dom Kralor ( south of the 4,000 islands)
    BUT i spoke with 2 different people in Phnom Penh in July both on bikes ( one Thai, one Chinese) that were denied entry an had to go back up to Pakxe and enter Thailand and than travel down to Surin and enter at Osmach.
  4. bazz

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    update on the situation.
    I crossed the border from Laos into Cambodia at Dom Kralor riding a european registered bike.
    The very big new looking Laos border building is not in use. Pass it on the left side and go to the very little blue barrack.
    The Laos immigraton allowed me to go to the Cambodian customs before stamping me out.
    Cambodian customs first asked me for a carnet de passage. I didn't have one and showed them my registration paper of the motorbike. They told me it was ok and could cross into Cambodia. However they didnt want to give me a paper..(like a temporary import) so I'm not sure if that will be a problem when exiting Cambodia.
    With carnet it shouldn't be a problem at all.
    VOA available for Laos and Cambodia.
    Price for the Cambodian VOA was 25USD or 1000 Baht or 250000 KIP.

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