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  1. Great update Wendell
    Many thanks & sorry you could not get into Thailand with the new "<250cc rule" for border crossings between Thailand & Laos; but I bet the boat trip with the bike on board was an experience. If you have any pics of that you can send them to me & I will upload them.
  2. This is my biggest fear in buying a bike to take between Vietnam and Laos. I guess your trip is proof that the cross is fairly common.
  3. The reason he couldn't enter Thailand was because his bike has VN (Vietnam) plates. Vietnamese bikes can only enter Thailand with pre-approval and a mandatory guide + lead vehicle. If he had a Lao plated bike, he may have stood a chance. Only Lao, Malaysian and Singaporean cars/bikes can easily enter Thailand. Cambodian/Burmese ones only near their respective borders. All others need advance permission.
  4. Indeed. You are probably well & truly right there. I stand corrected. TQ.
  5. Vang Tao (Laos) / Chong Mek (Thailand.)

    March 2018
    There appears to be a policy change on the Laos side & they are only letting in "tour groups."

    • 1-2 bikes cannot enter (maybe you ca get a one man tour permit?)
    • 3 bikes can enter if you go via a tour company.
    • Enter at Vang Tao must exit at Vang Tao (not sure how they enforce this?)

    See also Entering Laos - Some History for history on the Laos border crossings
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    February 2018 - PHU SANG (THAILAND) - BAN PANGNOM (LAOS)
    we cross the border by car in HUAI KON (north from NAN) and turned left towards the border crossing in PHU SANG ( Google Maps ) , they told us in the village BAN KHOP that this border will open for international border-crossings in about 2 months (ca. april 2018) - does someone have news about?
  7. Any more info of this?

    I need to do a Visa run soon and was hoping to enter Laos via Chong Mek-Vang Tao border and drive my 150cc PCX up to Savannakhet to make the visa.

    I have tried to email Miss Noy tour/rental company in Pakxe to see if the can offer any options.

    I was also thinking of doing a pre-run to the border on Monday to see if a solo crossing could be negotiated by way of an admin fee
  8. C
    Can confirm Vang Tao not letting in solo bikes.

    Thai side told me everything was fine, did the temporary export.

    Laos side said no , and would not move on that.

    Another farang had same problem.

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  9. Thanks for the update on Vang Tao / Chong Mek.
    Exactly when did you try to cross.
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    It was yesterday (Monday 9th April 2018).

    Eventually got talking to the girls selling Laos Insurance for cars and bikes entering Laos. I explained I wouldn’t need the insurance if I couldn’t bring my bike in.

    One really helpful girl spoke good English. She phoned her ex tour business boss who explained bikes have to be part of an authorised tour group now and there was nothing they could do.

    Remembering the other biker, I asked if we could combine to form a tour group.

    She said had to be a Thai authorised tour group, and I would need to go back into Thailand to arrange it (which I didn’t understand, why require Thai tour group for a Laos regulation?)

    Anyway, totally spoiled the trip. What should have been a relaxed trip from Pakxe to Savannakhet and back down for a 4000 islands loop is turning into a harassed race against the clock and extra costs.

    Took me 8 hours to get to Savannakhet via local bus which made 30 stops (I logged them) and didn’t even take me all the way there.

    Every stage of the journey now taking longer with extra costs and lots of inconvenience.

    For example couldn’t hire motorbike because they insist on keeping passport, but I need passport to make Visa. Hence the bus trip, and that throws me out by a day due to the Savannakhet Thai consulate opening times. It all connects, or rather now it doesn’t!
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