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  1. could not find informations!
    want to drive with our 4x4/AWD-mazda cx-5 the following route next februar 2018:
    crossing the bridge from chiang khong to houay xai. then mekhongriver up to kapok-city - opposite golden triangle thailand - then follow the mekhong river upstream.
    just made the boat-trip to guan-lei in sipsongpanna/china - the guide from mekhong travel tours in maesai told me, that there should be now a road all the way up to xiengkok!
    anyone can confirm?! - he told me, that this road is not yet paved (april 2017).
    from xiengkok to savannakhet click for the routing on google maps
    or is there another road from phongsali towards pak nam noy?
    how is the road from nong kiaw to muang khoun?
    how is actually the road 1D towards savannakhet?
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    Sorry, just saw your message..

    You can cross at Hou Xai then head to the Lao side of the Golden Triangle and up along the Mekong to Xieng Kok.
    Then the rest of the route you have to Phongsali is all doable.. Only one bit of dirt after Luang Namtha, where you cut across to the left and join the paved road to Phongsali.

    We did it on Dirt Bikes. Including trip up to the Green Triangle.
    As you are going in February.. The rainy season land slides would have been cleaned up.

    The ride along the Mekong is fabulous.. Never get tired of it..

    Laos Spectacular

    Hope this helps.. February will be easy on the dirt sections.
    But as already stated.. Most of the rest is paved road.

    Recommend you download Open Street Maps and put this on your GPS. ( Much better than Google Maps in Laos )
    All the routes you have listed are on the Map and contributed by fellow riders..
    - Free also..

  3. thanks alot brian - good news for us! and will try to download open street maps on my iphone!
  4. Just corrected myself.. Mentioned Emerald Triangle.. Should have said Green Triangle.

    Also, don't believe OSM works on Apple.. Only Andriod
    Or you can download the img file for your Garmin. It is a fully functional map on your Garmin GPS.
    FREE Non Commercial GPS Map - Garmin

  5. i downloaded and installed this map on my garmin - but unfortunately it is not up to date (f.e. the road following the mekhong-river from houayxai up to xiengkok...!) - i installed now on my iphone "mapsme" - it is also free - here the link to the appstore for ios-users!
    MAPS.ME – Offline Map with Navigation & Directions on the App Store
  7. It is definitely there. Followed it on osm before. It is a dirt track you need to zoom in.

    Most of the free maps have osm underneath with their own wrapper and smarts.

    Which ever works for you. On a bike it is a pain to look on your phone as you have to stop.

    So will stick with osm on the gps. Phone only as back up .

    There is a detailed thread on gps apps etc on the forum
  8. yes - no problems at all - sofar for the road along the mekhong to xiengkok it's easy - as long the mekhong is on your left side... ;-)
    i remember the days we drove all around without gps-tools...! was soooo easy and nice...! big adventures...and meet many many folks everywhere...!
    enjoy your trips on the roads in paradise!
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  9. Hi buddy, the road is fine for your car, as I have just drove thru that area, just focus on getting tougher tyres for your car.

    as what you have read, watch out for potholes, and deep tramlines on road, preferably install fog lights or any powerful light you can lay your hands on.

    I'll up load the link to my blog in time to come for better understanding with regards to driving there using a SUV.
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