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Discussion in 'Trip Planning - Laos' started by Champasak, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Laos-VangTao-GTR-IMG_2117. To keep the "Trip Planning" post's free of general comments, this "Comments" post is provided. This represents a departure from the norm, but its aimed solely at keeping the original plan/s uncluttered and easy to find and read.
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    Apologies to original authors - these 2 posts were relocated out of the Trip Planning thread.

    Message originally posted by Rod Page on 29th March 2012 at 07:27 AM:

    SENSATIONAL Jurgen, nothing less.
    Invaluable work; an invaluable contribution. Far superior to any guidebook.
    Many thanks. In the not too distant future I'll be using it to plan my way through Laos & down on to Cambodia.
    Well done!

    Message originally posted by Jurgen on 29th March 2012 at 08:16 AM:

    Thank you Rod, I only followed your model for Vietnam :).

    I tried to collect as many information as possible from other GT-Rider contributors and hope that this sort of compendium will help bikers to find their way through the mine of data collected on the GT-Rider website.

    I hesitated before posting this « unfinished » version, but then pondered that such reports are always evolutive, as updated information can always be added.

    As I have not scheduled a trip to Vietnam yet, I am looking forward to meeting you somewhere closer to Chiangmai.
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    Absolutely super Laos Trip Planner Jurgen!

    Comment 1
    My latest info is that
    Oudom Xai - Muang Khua is asphalt
    Muang Khua - Sop Hun is still dirt.

    From our Cnx- Hanoi ride in 2010, there are some photos of Muang Khua - Sop Hun here
    Chiang Mai - Hanoi Back Part 1
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  5. Moto-Rex

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    Amazing post Jurgen!

    The information you have provided will a great benefit for anyone touring Laos.

    Thanks for putting so much work into it.

  6. Rod Page

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    All we need now is the off-road section.......& who better than............Moto-Rex!
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    Excellent work Jurgen! It's a mine of information and just what I was looking for towards my first ride into Laos this coming December 2012. Many thanks. Cheers!
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  9. Jurgen

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    To all Laos lovers, I am gratfull for comments and information and will be happy to include relevant details in the trip planer. Thank you in advance for your contributions in order to make the trip planer more precise and morfe usefull.
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    Ditto for "Vietnam Trip Planning". Warmly welcome all comments & most certainly add relevant information, including updates to previously posted advice, as it comes to hand.
    (Bump - awaiting Dfl's updates surrounding Sapa & will anticipate similar input from those I understand are planning to ride around Meo Vac next month).
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    Hi All,

    Would appreciate any info regarding condition of Route 1D, commencing at Phontan (?) off Route 8 travelling northwards to Phonsavan (passing through Viengthong, Muang Noi, Muang Moc, amongst others!). Was considering this as part of a ride out in April 2014).


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  14. andyh1406

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    Hi David,
    Yes!! the very same. Sounds like it shouldn't present any problems.
    The only thing that concerns me with all these road improvements is whether we even need an enduro and would be better off on a more comfortable road bike?

    Thanks for your response.

  15. DavidFL

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    Some light road works on R4




    From R13 to the turn off is 39 kms.

    The turn off


    hardly sign posted, but it is basically the only real one.

    & here's how the new short cut goes

    up & down over the one mountain for 67 kms.
    This short cut takes approximately 100 kms off the old R13 Luang Prabang - Vientiane road.
    And travel time should be reduced by 1.5 (2?) hrs if your riding reasonably fast.
    But being my first time I pottered along taking photos.


    The road & views

    Starting from the north Muang Nan end



    an early view




    Power on up the mountain.....having a drag








    Approaching the plateau on the top - a green moon like landscape

    almost devoid of any trees







    Then you cross the ridge line for the descent, only to be stuck with road works & /or a landslide.

    It's a big one.



    Vehicles held up & waiting below for the road to be cleared


    I was lucky & only had to wait 40 minutes, but the first vehicles had been held up for 3 hours, so perhaps it is not always a short cut, or at least until they get the road stabilized & finished.

    One of my Lao Ducati rider friends with connections who has flown over the road a few times in a chopper told me that 16 people had already died in downhill crashes on this road. The worst being a local government official who went straight over the edge at the top of the land slide, to be totally crushed in his pick up which landed up side down & flattened. Yuk!

    The descent into Kasi


  16. DavidFL

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    There is a new short cut between Luang Prabang & Vientiane: the Kasi - Muang Nan road, cuts off about 100 kms & saves 1 1/2 hrs travel time.
    Photos & info are here
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    Just rode this road yesterday...absolutely sensational!
    Bugger all traffic,and only a few spots of road works.
    Will do a trip report when I get chance to edit some photos....

    Best to get in now before the wet season starts to break the road up!

    Heading to CM tonight....
  18. DavidFL

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    There's a January 2016 update on the Muang Nan - Kasi road here


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