Leaving own motorbike in Cambodia?

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  1. As it seems not easy to find a Thai rental shop, which is allowing to cross the borders to Laos and Cambodia (and for other reasons we don't want to rent in Laos), we think about bringing our own bikes to Thailand and start a 4 week tour to Cambodia and perhaps to Laos. Of course the transport from Europe is too expensive to make this worth, I'm thinking about leaving the bikes in Cambodia for one year and then to continue the trip.
    My questions: Has anybody done this before? Any recommended adresses for this purpose? What about Cambodian customs regulations? (Have been in Cambodia twice with my own bike and no one of the customers cared about the bike).
    Hope somebody can help us.

  2. Harry, Temporarily imported sporting goods including motorbikes must be exported when you leave Cambodia. Cambodian custom laws clearly states you can read I think #15 and parakas under custom excise tax law also written in English Google it up
    your bike could be confiscated you maybe charged for smuggling Import tax is very expensive 3500$ unless you have a RCAF plate otherwise renting is easy in BKK 19.000 baht a month for Kawasaki 650 some officials may not seems to be care at the border but you have to declare goods that you bringing in to Cambodia takes about 10 minutes stopping over custom and its free to fill out custom declaration form (White paper your name, make model, value, and date of entry)staple together with departure card on your passport otherwise you will be subjected bribery at the road side checks and please do not be a tool for these fools
    ask me I entered 11 times and lived there for a while.

    Buying used bike is another option but I do not trust anyone in Cambodia.
  3. for me i didnt decalare when entre combodia so far only give them 400 bath when going out from combodia..anyway is good to decalare....for right procedure
  4. Import Tax is not that expensive in Cambodia. Yes I have imported a brand new bike to Cambodia before. I have also bought and registered new bikes in Cambodia. When you buy a new bike in Cambodia you must get the import tax paper so you can register it so I have seen the import taxes. It used to be much easier as the rate sheet was printed and stuck to the window of the bike tax office when there was an amnesty to pay the import tax and get legal plates. Now if you are caught with illegal plates the fine is double what you should have paid and your bike is impounded until you come to some arrangement.

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