Lipe...Where the beaches are unbelieavablly Stunning...

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  1. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    Where crystal clear water n powder fine sands greets us on the beach with no pier or jetty...what a better way to arrive....
    Our luggage...a plastic bag with some shorts and a pair of slippers bought at Pak Bara Pier...truly an unplanned ride to this stunning place...
    Only pictures can describe the place....enjoy them as much as i love n enjoy the place....



















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  3. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Did you leave your bikes on the mainland while you were on the island, and if so, were you worried about the possibility of theft or is there a place with secure parking?
  4. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    we left our bikes at best house resort around 600bhat per nite...left our accessories in the room...bought slipper n shorts n jumped on the boat to koh lipe...there were covered parking lots for our bikes also....dont mind paying a bit more as long we enjoy ourselves n have a peace of mind without worrying bout the bikes. been there twice ...both uses best house resort...
  5. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    the ferry leaves lipe at 9am n reaches pak bara est 10.30am. we have more than enough time for a beer , shower , pack our bags n ride on,,,,(2day1n)
  6. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi tehsk30, marvellous fotos and island. Well worth a visit for all of us I think after seeing your report ! And the speedboat with 3x outboarders, what a water rocket this one must be !! Cheers, Franz
  7. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    It's a rocket for first trip was a speedboat with 4 outboard engines...each 200...but was well worth's also known as the Maldives of Thailand.
  8. helbob

    helbob Ol'Timer

    I been there too :), but one time is enough
    There is a nice landscape around Lipe but this island is a 100% and expensive tourist island more than samui or phangan, maybe same koh tao or phi phi.
    Many pancake-shops, shakes, massage and tattoo, no real thai style. The price for a bamboo bungalow is 800-1200, no ac or tv :(
    Obstructed all beaches, not my style.


  9. tehsk30

    tehsk30 Ol'Timer

    ha ha ha...i went there off season....speed boat thb700 return trip...z touch beach resort thb1000 per nite wifi , beach front , swimming pool front ... pak bara guest house thb600 to park bike n keep our bags n n good... without the tourist hassles....

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