Lost another rider and a source of knowledge

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  1. harrythefinn

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    On Thursday "Hiko" ( Bengt Hiko Haikola)  passed away in Pattaya.

    He will be remembered for his encylopediac knowledge of obscure brands and also of Honda.

    He took a CB750 around the globe when they first came out, he was at one stage a huge importer of motorcycles into Scandinavia and knew a lot of top people in Europe and Japan. Done a lot of touring early days in Cambodia.

    His cremation is on Wednesday, 23rd September at Wat Bun Samphan (Not sure of the correct translation) on soi Boon Sampan on the dark side at 1500 hrs.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Oh shit! a Very sad day.

    Hiko was a wonderful guy, a gentleman for all bikers, a mine of info & a fantastic GTR contributor.

    And yes I think he was the # 1 BMW / Honda Dealer in Scandinavia at one stage.

    His Honda CB750 history thread on GTR was an absolute beauty


    as was his Honda Cub Thread


    plus the early Japanese motorcyles


    Then there was one on Indian Motorcycles


    He knew the history of Husqvarna from the inside


    He was a pioneer for motorcycle touring in the region & his failed Vietnam Scooter trip was an epic


    In the early days he was a full bottle on the grey market motorcycle import & their registration


    He knew about gasohol & the value of its introduction into Thailand



    He was in Aleppo Syria by motorcycle in 1974


    and I think he rode a Honda CB750 from Europe to Japan in the late 70S/ early 80s?, with the bike in a Honda Museum in Japan; please correct me if I am wrong.

    Hiko knew motorcycle touring & the business inside out.

    He was also fearless & took on Barcelona BMW in Bangkok


    Thank you Hiko. It was a pleasure knowing you - the few times I was lucky enough to meet.

    All you did for expat motorcycling in Thailand will be remembered.

    RIP you were a bright shining star showing the way for many of us.
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member



    on the road on the epic failed Vietnam Scooter trip


    if anyone else has some good  photos of Hiko, please post them.

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  5. Ian Bungy

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    Sorry to hear that. Hiko was a Nice Guy and he quite often emailed Me about different things. Meet Him a few Times the last time at the International Motorshow. He was having a few Health Issues so He is finally released of the Suffering and may He find the Peace He well deserves! As David said Hiko possessed an Incredible Wealth of Knowledge and a Sharp Mind! R.I.P Sir!
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Hiko's facebook profile image - a Honda CB750


    I also understand that at one stage he had a collection of Africa Twins in Pattaya - 15  bikes?

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  7. DavidFL

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    R.I.P Hiko..a couple of funeral photos



    if anyone else has any photos please post them or send to me for uploading.

    Thank you Lasse for forwarding these photos - much appreciated.

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  8. DavidFL

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    A few more images of Hiko


    evidence of his RTW CB750 Pioneer days


    when an adventure bike was whatever you rode.


    Thank you Severi Virolainen for the images.

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