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  1. I have lost the key to my Baja. I have no spare.

    I know that as soon as I spend a lot of money sorting the problem out it will turn up because it is at home somewhere

    I can't see a number on the igntion system and also it has a lockable petrol cap with the same key.

    What is the best answer?

    Ageing isn't all that funny when it is you

  2. Did the same thing some years ago...Asked the local village locksmith to come around. He was able to make a new key just by looking into the lock, and some trial /error. All done in half an hour!
  3. Hi Tony,

    If you are in a hurry then a good screw driver and a wrench should make it. Bim boum !
  4. Thanks guys but I found them underneath the lawnmower.........well where else would yu put a set of keys to your beloved bike

  5. Thanks, good tip
  6. Haha Tony, no worries! A few weeks ago I was looking at my passport when my girlfriend called on the phone. While I was talking to her, I decided to make a sandwich. I made the sandwich, ate it, finished the call and hung up. Then I noticed that there was an extra slice of bread on the counter. I couldn't figure out why I had put an extra slice of bread out on the counter, so I put it in my mouth and ate it.

    A week later I was going mad trying to figure out where on earth I had put my passport. I knew it had to be in my apartment somewhere and I tore the entire place apart. After many hours of frustrated searching I finally gave up and decided to go get a replacement. The next day when I decided to make another sandwich I found my passport inside the sandwich bread bag in the refrigerator.

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