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    I'm coming to Thailand this week for who knows how long. I have decided to pick up a CRF250L of similar. There are plenty for sale. Some with luggage, others without. My question is, if I buy one without luggage set up, how much does it cost to purchase in Thailand?? I was thinking the hard case saddlebags unless somebody suggest something different.. Input??

    *Note* I'm traveling with a Osprey Farpoint 70L and it is packed FULL. I need some kind of luggage that still fit everything in my bag plus my bag
  2. Don't know about prices but can advise that the rear subframe is open to cracking and breaking under too much weight, I would guess that the side box holders may offset some of the weight off the rear subframe, but the top box won't.
  3. I just sold my very low milage '09 KLX this weekend. I had a set of Dirt-Bagz on it and never had an issue. I will have to have SWMBO measure them but think they were the Ranger model...can't remember..oiy Also kept my 2Bros M7...

    DBZ Products - Dirt-Bagz

    Still have them and probably should sell them too.
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    I'm actually heavily considering purchasing that exact bike! The luggage is plenty big, however it's just so bulky and now sounds like the sub frame is subject to damage. I was hoping to find a slimmer more agile luggage solution.
  5. Honestly you don't need to carry much luggage when touring here.
    Enough clothes for 5 days, a few tools, some rain wear & away you go.
    I'm always amazed at how much extra gear & luggage many people carry.
    You don't need to carry the kitchen sink with you.
    A "small bag" on the back & away you go.

    Here's Moto Rex in Laos for a month
    LaosMotorcycleLakXao5 (3).

    The Vstrom fully loaded (too much) luggage with the GF on tour in southern Laos.
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    Only problem is my bag is already packed and I'm on the way. I won't have a centralized spot. I'm just going to ride from place to place, country to country. I might be able to just strap my bag to the bike, but it's a fairly large bag.
  7. Laos Excess Luggage
    Laos Excess Luggage

    Get yourself a base for a week here & there, leave your gear at your GH & cruise around without a load on your bike to really enjoy your riding.
    Then send your gear onto the next base town & start all over again.
  8. You are right. I'm over thinking it! Thanks David!
  9. Luggage for a 6 day ride.
    2014-03-05 14.50.36.

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