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  1. I've read through some of the stories on the board and some excellent trip reports. I've got 5 days in N.Thailand in mid March so I've decided to do a 'well travelled' route for my second tour in Asia.. The contacts post is excellent but wondering if I have enough time to go at a nice easy pace round the Mae Hong Son Loop?

    Which way would you recommend? If 5 days is enough any small side tours to do on route for some challenging terrain?

  2. About 700 KM round trip. So at least 2 nights, 3 days should give you a bit of time to look around at an easy pace. Recommend you get David's map for some side trips / points of interest...well worth it. Cheers...
  3. 5 days is comfortable for the loop..... Well travelled it may be, but it's also superb.

    Get down to Mae Sot from Mae Sariang if you can. It's beautiful both ways. One of the best roads in Asia.
  4. Five days sounds plenty for the loop.

    One of the side trips should be Doi Inthanon, go up from one side and down the other. Long Neck villages and National Parks around Mae Hong Son.

    Have a great ride.

  5. Be aware that if you go in mid March you may hit the 'smokey season' when farmers burn everything in sight. The haze can be terrible, its horrible to breathe and you can't see anything. It varies from year to year. The loop is best done from November to Jan when the weather is clear and the vegetation is green..... I am sure you don't have a choice as to what your dates are, but March will be kind of parched and possibly smokey.
  6. TJ and I did the MHS loop very comfortably in 3 days/2 nights... we left MHS very early on the 3rd day to see the sunflowers from the Hot Air Ballon (a few of hours there), went up Doi Inthanon, and still made it to CM by early evening... 5 days will give you lots of time for side trips... not sure what your accommodation options are outside of Pai, MHS, and Mae Sariang...

    I think DavidFL and Jonnada did it in a single day on scooters with lots of smoke breaks...

  7. Thanks for the advice guys.

    Great heads up there Dan, yeah unfourtunately dates are set in stone now.

    Counting down the weeks now, can't wait..

    Whats the condition of the Mae Sot from Mae Sariang road like Dan?

    I've been reading the unreal (tradgic infact) story about AMA / RR & Yoi tonight and wonder do I need 3rd Party Ins for Thailand?
  8. I did the Mae Sot - Mae Sariang road last July and it was just fine. I am a fairly novice rider and had no problems at all.

    Don't forget to look out for the refugee camp, on your right if travelling south to Mae Sot. Well worth a stop to reaffirm how lucky we all are.

  9. As a lot of people on this board will confirm, the Mae Sariang to Mae Sot road is simply beautiful both ways. Its well surfaced. There are few steep windy bits but nothing too challenging. If you have a couple of extra days its a great detour off the loop. As someone else pointed out, taking the turnoff to Doi Intahanon via Mae Cham is another interesting variation. Its all on David Unko's map.
  10. I did the loop early december in 3 days combination of car+mountain bike. Road conditions very good. First day till Soppong. Good guesthouse (german-thai couple). Didn't like Pai so much. Not a lot of traffic. Nice scenery, beautiful landscape.
    The neverending refugee camp, how many people are living there?

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