Mae Rim - Mork Fa Waterfall Loop

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  1. Route 107, 3010/4026/3009, 1095, unknown,3010/4026/3009,107,121

    Distance 138km

    After a busy morning at Prem Center near Mae Rim, helping with a presentation to pupils with Care for Dogs, I headed out on the 3010 away from the 107 until its end, where it joins the 1095.


    Strangely the 3010 on my gps tells me it turns into the 4026 but the sign at the end of the road says 3009.


    I turned left onto the 1095 towards Pai and at Pang Hang I stopped for Coffee & bickies at Pankled Coffee Corner.


    From here I took the side exit to a concrete and hard packed soil track sign posted towards Mork Fa Waterfall. A great track to find out the manageability of the bike in some sizeable ruts and loose surface. I felt very comfortable and content with my & the the bikes performance!


    At the ticket office, I played my usual game, not speaking, letting them ask for 70 baht and then me questioning why so expensive. I paid the 30 baht 'local' fee and parked the bike for a pleasant walk to the waterfall.


    I thought the signs here were strange until I nearly pooped myself hearing a cracking noise above me and saw a massive bamboo hurtling down the steep embankment.


    The water today was low compared to a specimen photo at the payment kiosk but it was worth the walk and I will add this to the places to visit later in the wet season.


    On past the kiosk, I follow this track up to Mae Lod and then eventually Pha Taek.


    I keep following the 'main' hardened soil and the route was surprisingly busy with a couple of trucks and many farmers on their bikes.


    But then after Pha Taek, I come to a small village that is not on the GTR map and is definitely not as far south as Ban Lak.


    I am at GPS location N19.03.897 E098.46.537 Here is a fork.


    In hindsight, I can now identify with plotted gps way points (this route is not on my esri map) that this is track I am following is the one on the GTR map and does continue to Ban Lak & returns to the 3010 at Pa Tung.

    I say in hind sight, as at this point I took the right fork and up the mountain.

    An amazing ride through forests and orchards with so many splendid views. At times I considered being lost but with the confidence of this 'go anywhere' bike, I couldn't care less.


    Eventually I emerge into a clearing and some type of residence & I ride through their garden !


    Continuing on, I travel through dark forest and extremely steep tracks which were quite exhilarating.


    Finally I exit soil track onto concrete at a sign that tells me, if I could read Thai, that the residence I had past was a meditation retreat called Pa Maing pha Daen.


    This concrete rises up to my right and descends steeply to my left. Looking at the GTR map, I deduce I am near the peak of the mountain height indicator '1224' GPS location N19.01.668 E098.46.418

    The concrete is in perfect condition and this road down the mountain is a terrific ride. Reading the signs along the way, I believe there is a temple at the top where I have come from, so yet another place to visit another day.

    Indeed the signs along this road are directing traffic to Wat Phra Poot Tabad Sii Loy (Temple with 4 foot marks ??) at the top.

    Another good road, concrete in excellent condition, no pot holes, no loose and very curvey.


    Almost off the mountain, I come across a sign to Sai Mok Waterfall. This little grotto type place is in a dishevelled state and with such little water too, was a bit of a disappointment.


    I now pass through Huai Somsuk and eventually come to a T junction plastered with signs. To the right I am now advised read Mae Rim 15km but I took the left from gut instinct and ride to Wat Nong Kai and then eventually onto the 3010/4026/3009 combo at Wat San Pa Tueng.


    From here it is a straight run back to the 107 north of Mae Rim, right down towards Chiang Mai and then right onto the 121 Canal Road & home.

    Couldn't help but catch the last picture of the day - Colourful or what ? Sadly, this lotion local people put on their dogs suffering with fleas & ticks causes more harm than good. Just think of the emotional stress this guy suffered walking around like this until the next heavy rain!


    Exhilarating and very enjoyable. The ride & the bike.

  2. Ally
    Nice one with beautiful photos as usual - makes even me want to get out there to ride those roads 'n trails again. :)
    Funny about the different road numbers too - they keep changing & it is impossible to keep up with. :roll:
    But wow, what a network of interesting roads & trails we have got to explore out there eh? Awesome isn't it - & right on our own doorstep.
    Thanks once more for the contributions. They are all very much appreciated. :D
  3. While trying to follow Ally's trip on my GPS maps I noticed quite a few differences in the various versions of the GPS maps I have. These differences may be of interest to those who have a GPS or are thinking of buying a GPS - the reason why I post them here. Maybe this post should be in the GPS section but as the comparison covers Ally's trip I put it in here (Admin, feel free to move it).

    A brief comparison of 3 GPS maps - the ESRI Map version 8.1 (picture top) and ESRI Version 9.0 which was brought out about 2 weeks ago (center picture) and the GT Rider GPS map (picture bottom).

    The ESRI maps have much more details in urban areas and the latest version is also starting to catch up with some rural roads (it shows the road to Wat Phraputthabath Si Roi).

    The GT Rider GPS map, which uses only GPS tracks and waypoints, appears to be stronger in rural offroad areas.




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  4. Ally-

    Very nice report and you found some nice roads that I haven't been on.
    BUT; YOU MUST GO BACK! :wink:

    Inside Wat Nong Khai are some great hand painted murals, depicting early life in the village (including some innebriated subjects losing their meal), that you must not have seen or you would have commented, I believe.



    They are in the first building on the left.


    This is a very beautiful temple and an easy scenic ride.



    Even a friend waiting for you :lol:

    You probably do not want to go much past the temple as you can see from this old post of Pikey's favorite ride.

    Temples and Stupidity

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  5. David - Thanks, I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do these rides and I enjoy sharing what I am able to of the experience.

    Auk - I will be downloading the update asap - thanks for the tip off.

    Silver Hawk - Wow! That welcoming dog & the temple at the top will definitely get me back there real soon. I shall indeed pop into Wat Nong Kai too as your right, I didn't stop for a look, all that art work (gross or otherwise) would certainly have drawn a comment.

    Captain - You know full well I would have taken a few more !! Take a look at my album here ...

    Alternatively if you get bored with pics of the new toy, you could always take a look at my collection of 'Wild Shacks' here ...:wink:

    Hey you guys, I had felt lucky to be doing these rides, now I feel privileged to be receiving feedback from folks like you that are longer in the seat than me. Thank you very much.

  6. Nice Machine man, just the thing for the north of Thailand.

    The ticket office 'game' reminds of me and my girls trip to Pala-u Falls in Prachuap. They wanted 200 baht, tourists paying hand over fist and me just standing there showing the thai drivers licence. :)

    But now I'm told that, allegedly, the double pricing for national parks and the like has been outlawed, so hopefully this practice will fade away I hope :)
  7. For anyone running 8.1, it there a way of updating to version 9 without a whole new purchase?
  8. Ally

    wonderful report an photos as always. The bike looks great too

    When you leave the bike and walk to waterfalls what do you do with your gear. Do you request someone look after it, hide it, or take it with you.

  9. For anyone running 8.1, it there a way of updating to version 9 without a whole new purchase?
    In the past you would get a free update for 1 year when you buy the map from ESRI or its authorized dealers. However, Garmin has changed its rule with regard the number of unlock codes allowed as well as as with free upgrades so ESRI may have done the same. Anyway, there are other ways to get the map as you probably know. If not, PM me and I can give you a few hints on where to search and what to do.
  10. Ally great pics.

    The Mork Fa waterfall is one of my favorites, especially if you get there early morning midweek as you have it to yourself. A very picturesque location that contributes to a serene mindset. Glad you enjoyed it.

    The forest and off road trails around the meditation retreat area Pa Maing pha Daen is usually quite lush and thick. Try and get up there again in a few months after the rains and you'll see a big change in the fauna. This picture is about 100 yards above the "yard" you cut through. The road through the "yard" in your picture is actually a main artery down to the pavement but the grass area makes it appear as someones lawn.

    Earlier this same day we did accidently cut into someones yard when the trail dropped us into this persons back yard :shock: . After saying "I'm sorry" and being polite to the owners it really goes to show you how gracious people can be over here. This was just above Wat in Silverhawks pics.

    Once again some really nice forest area back in this section of the jungle.

    Thanks for the report.

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