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Mae Rim - Sop Kai return

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by DavidFL, May 17, 2014.

  1. On the lychee & coffee the Mae Taeng River

    A quick afternoon excursion to clear the cobwebs & take a peak at the roads + enjoy some more of the good life - fresh air & country roads.

    Its straight up 107 with a quick stop at the new Mont Raming plaza centre.

    The luxurious looking coffee shop
    & one of two actually.

    The highlight of the place is the kids swimming pool
    a brilliant place for the locals & I have no doubt this Mont Raming centre is providing a great community service in Mae Taeng.
    3 cheers for the owner - the son of Raming Tea at Chiang Dao.
    Mont Raming is on R107, left hand side, 1 kms south of the R105 Pai turn off / 29 kms north of Chiang Mai.

    Turn left onto R105 & 8 kms down the road in Sop Poeng village is a turn to the right to the Sop Kai.
    The route # 3052.

    Sop Kai is a small village on the Mae Taeng river & the starting point for rafting trips on the Mae Taeng.

    The road into Sop Kai is now all asphalt - cement, but a lot of it single lane cement & very very step & winding in quite a few places.
    21 kms & it is a beauty of a road, but again you need to watch out for the narrow single lane & oncoming cars on the many blind corners, especially at the Sop Kai end.

    A few road snaps.


    Check out the tree in the background
    the big split in the trunk - I wonder what caused that.
    Something strong alright. Ouch.

    The narrow road

    watch out for other vehicles coming round the corner.

    The Sop Poeng - Sop Kai road runs through beautiful lychee orchards



    Halfway in a funky little house with a stunning vista

    more to come...
  2. Now I thought this place was a gem of a spot & the perfect place to take a break & have a cuppa.
    So I parked the bike, crossed the stream on the rickety suspension bridge to climb the steps & chill out.
    It was a private residence.
    Apologies Karen for intruding.
    You are indeed lucky living there in that perfect little paradise.

    1.4 kms away up on the hill though, overlooking the road


    is Doi Taeng Coffee


    a gem of a rustic spot it is too

    plus you get a big cup of beans






    Plus a really nice cuppa


    & if you're really lucky you can get a cup of civet poo coffee

    well worth checking out if you consider yourself a serious coffee connoisseur.

    After Doi Taeng, the road drops down & then way up again before the steep descent into Sop Kai.

    But not before the "village of lights."




    Sop Kai is 8.5 kms from Doi Taeng coffee & on the Mae Taeng river, where all the rafting action starts.



    but not so in low season.

    In high season there can be scores of bamboo rafts on the river shooting the rapids from Sop Kai to Muang Khut.

    Check it all out sometime


    it's an easy half - 3/4 day excursion from Chiang Mai & damn invigorating in the fresh country air.
  3. Dfl,

    I am extremely pleased to see Sop Kai 'back on the menu'.

    The Sop Kai area is one of the real treats close to Chaing Mai; offering a wide range of pleasant, well outstanding day rides for those living in the area. It really has everything that anyone could be looking for & fitting in with the broadest possible range of wishes - great scenic roads in a countrified atmosphere, 'tourist activities' - elephants, zip lines, white-water rafting......, the full range of coffee, eating & (top) accommodation options, a choice of complete circuits to ride, authentic hill-tribes, on & off-road options, & all of them nothing less than sensational.

    I am amazed at how few people head out that way......another of the delights of the trip!

    I know you will not mind my posting this link - offering GTR's alternative routes to & fro Sop Kai. Get out & give this one a go; you want be disappointed!!!!
  4. Never realised Thailand had Kopi Luwak too. I've spent the last years living in Indonesia and civet cat coffee or 'cat-poo chino' to the connoisseur ;) is famous there; although very few people can afford to drink it!

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