Merry Christmas 2016

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  1. A big Merry Christmas for 2016 to everyone on GTR.
    GTR Christmas logo.

    Please enjoy yourselves over the festive season & ride extra safe - don't end up as another statistic.

    I will be in Northern Laos the next few weeks pottering around as old farts like me do.

    GTR is rocking along nicely & all the guys who are active contributing are warmly thanked. You guys are stars, appreciated & respected.
    For others who use GTR we sincerely hope you enjoy the info & are successful planning & doing your motorbike trips in the region. - enjoy. Life is good.

    Thanks - Let the good times roll.


    The GTR Calendar is a beauty & it was a pleasure putting it together & sharing our trip photos.
    Thanks again guys.
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  3. David
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year from a wet and windy England.
    Safe riding
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  4. Enjoy northern Laos, Happy New Year David.
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