Missing Link found, conquered...

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  1. Rob Hiekel and I just completed a ride from Sangkhla Buri to Umphang, by way of Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sancturary, the Suriya River, and Peung Kleung, etc... An awesome 2 day ride. In Umphang tonight, Rob to Chiang Mai, myself back to BKK tomorrow.

    Pictures, some vids, and a full trip report to follow soon...

    Special thanks to our Karen friend Jack for showing the way, and a shout out to Rhodie for intro'ing Rob and me.

  2. Cracking Stuff and a hearty congratulations to you both
    for conquering Thailand's "Kokoda Trail".

    Eagerly awaiting pix and trip report.
    Take it easy from Umphang back to Bangers,
    it is long way after what you have undergone.
  3. Congratulations

    You guys have done something where a lot of people (including me) have been thinking and talking about. Can't wait to see the trip report and pictures, please make the descriptions extensive

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