Monthly GT Rider Up-Country Dinner Rendezvous Rides

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  1. Just back from Chiang Kong and had already a week end venue + delivering bike to Kawa! Will be for another trip!
  2. I'll have a car load!
    Fon & I, Phil & Pim + Steve - who is hoping to pick brains re. off road tracks everywhere & anywhere in Thailand.
    See you at 5 opposite Imperial Hotel.
  3. We will be leaving earlier. Should be there in time, taking the straight way up.
    Wed 1st Dec GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner – Banana Tree
    Sun 5th Dec King Birthday.
    Mon 6th Dec Public Holiday in lieu of Kings Birthday 5th Dec.
    Frid 10th Dec Constitution Day.
    Friday 17th Dec Chiang Mai Toy Ride Charity Event at Mae Sapok, in Mae Wang district.

    Saturday 18th Dec GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country – cancelled

    Sunday 26th Dec GT Rider Christmas Ride - Phayao?
    Wed 29th Dec GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner – Miguels Nong Hoi.
    Frid 31st Dec New Years Eve Holiday 31st – 3rd
  5. Is this idea of up-country rides & dinners worth reviving?
  6. My personal opinion: NO as it didn't really take off at its initial posting time.
    Me thinks it's better to organise some individual rides with a nice dinner thereafter, like the Xmas run. Rgds, FR
  7. The last one I attended in ChiangSaen was quite well attended.Makes a change to have something up this way.
  8. Seeing I've moved awake from the big smoke to up country (Chiang Khong) is there any interest in reviving up country rendezvous dinners to hook up?
    Once a month all meet up in a smaller town, that you may not normally stay over night because it is "too quiet."
    The town / venue can vary each month?

    Any ideas?
  9. A middle point for some could be Chaing Rai?

    Has some nightlife and some great places to eat now Dave,
    Need to try "Ribs & Co".
    Sorry, I cant make it to far away.
  10. I'm in... wherever it is :cool:

    There are plenty of good little towns with decent restaurants scattered across the north. For some, it might be an excellent excuse for a night away from home.
  11. Cool, If it is mid week I would be interested as Weekends I am busy!
  12. Good idea, pls make it happen. :cool:

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