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  1. Muang Khoun is south of Phonsavan on R1D
    Its only 32 kms from dowtown Phonsavan, but you might come here from Phonsavan to check out the old bombed temple ruins, or be heading north to Phonsavan from Pakxan.

    There's a great llttle spotleslsy clean restaurant (with a guesthouse)

    Enter the Meaug Koun

    it's in the main street just a couple of hundred metres from & opposite the markt

    green is the go & look out for the bright green shop front
    + there's ample of off street parking right outside.

    The shop is clean-clean

    there's also a Pizza Aloha next door

    but i opted for a nice simple kow pat & I was not disappoinetd.
    Nice tidy presentation.

    Check it out if you're passing through. Highly recommended!

    + the adjoining guesthouse should you feel the need
    GPS: N19 19.970 E103 21.898
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  2. Back for another look around, the town is so gorgeous
    Muang Khoun - Xieng Khouang - The Ancient Royal Capital
    Another kow pat & a test run on the Aloha Pizza

    as I was aso having a fried rice I opted for the "mini pizza"

    and mini they are
    4 bites & they are gone. But for 10,000 kip you can't complain I guess.
    Good only if you're really hungry I'd say, but I like to cheer the locals who show some entrepeneurship.
    Check em out sometime if you are passing through.

    the Meaung Khoun fence next door.

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