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  1. Rainy season doldrums, reflecting on last seasons rides.
    I have posted some maps of cambodia on

    If there is interest in this project? I will continue,
    otherwise the time will be better spent, patching up the old bike! And getting ready for this seasons romp!

    Check out the article in the Bayon Pearnick.
    Download the latest issue.Read about a rainy season ride.(not mine)
  2. hey Cambobumb, love the GPS shots, is therea story to go with them?
    Us Aussies love a good bike story! If'n it's not good make it up!!!
    Regards Scott...Land of OZ...
  3. the recent article was by sharky dave who went up with our buddy adam . they went around t'beng meanchey on day rides. adam had a lot of bike trouble with a rented bike. phnom penh bikes however just provided him with a newer xr 250 for about 20 bucks a day and adam went out again with the guys at flying bikes. they did the t'beng meanchey to stung treng route in the rain and did about 100k in about 26 hours. real character builder or insanity, dont know which. I told him to write it up for the next pearnik. he was happy to pay extra for a trouble free bike.

    also had some guys go back up to samrong area and the 3 story ancient bridge south of chong kal now has water to the tops of the support arches. just a trickle when I saw it in may a couple of years back.

    Gecko Map 2005 edition is out. has a lot of new roads but still missed the (super) highway to ko ker from Beng Melea. included however is the road out of snoul to sen monorom and the pailin poipet border route. available at monument books on norodom nr st 240

    Some GPS coordinates of non touristed temple sites avail at California 2 Hotel Phnom Penh. hope to have more by the end of this next season.

  4. not that adam, but the adam I am talking about is featured in the article. he had great footage of their ride out of t'beng meanchey to stung treng.

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