Need info on Vietnam, please.

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  1. I have 3 months in the region this winter(Jan-Apr), so I'm hoping to get a little riding done in Vietnam and/or Laos in addition to a lot in Cambodia. Basically, I'd like to know the following:

    -- Map recommendations, GPS compatible, preferably, for riding specifically.

    -- Rental advice: costs and feasibility, type of bikes available, and where.

    -- where to find up-to-date info on road conditions? Any good books?
  2. The best source of information is

    Coung in Hanoi will rent you a great bike and he's the patron saint of the Minsk Club.

    I live in the mountains up north in Sa Pa from time to time take people out that can actually ride. I go deep into the off road, no maps, no gps, just small roads I know like the back of my hand, lots of time out there.

    TravelIndochina runs great tours and are realy fun guys.

  3. It's a little more less complicated and gps isn't really needed. What you need in VN is a Minsk. It's a hard to love bike but easy to fix, lots of spare parts and somewhat reliable.

    The best people to contact are in Hanoi. Check out ... moto(Minsk).htm
  4. Thanks for the info -- the Minsk Club website is very helpful, and I've yet to get through even a small portion of it. However, now I have another question: the website mentions advises getting a valid Vietnamese motorcycle-driving license. How essential is this, ie can it be avoided with confidence that not having one won't bite you in the ass later? Is it necessary for renting a bike? I'd prefer to avoid Vienamese bureaucracy if at all possible.

    Also, how much per day for a solid rental Minsk?

    Thanks again in advance. Maybe I could catch a ride with you in Feb or March, eh?

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