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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by cement47, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. cement47

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    Well, I finally made to Thailand to live. I live North of Bangkok, but will make a trip to CM soon. I just received my bike from Peter at Siam Superbikes. It's a Yamaha TDM 850. Peter was a big help and delievered as promised. I recommend his shop to anyone in the Bangkok area. Once I get use to driving on the "wrong side" of the road I hope to make a few trip reports and meet many of you.


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  3. SilverhawkUSA

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    Welcome Dannie and let us know when you are in the north. I think you picked a great bike 95% of the riding in Thailand and Laos. There numbers are growing. I just put my TDM through a grueling 8,000km in Laos doing things they were not meant to do and it pulled me through without hesitation. (OK, a rear tire and front wheel bearings, but that was after almost 20,000km total). I

    Dave Early

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  4. cement47

    cement47 Member

    Thanks David,

    That's a rough looking bunch your with in you profile, but at least their smiling. Look forward to seeing you.


    "what's behind me is not important"
  5. Klaus

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    If you - or anybody else - plan a trip to the south, let me know, I live 400km south of Bangkok in a small village. It's a good stopover on the way south (if you don't prefer 1000km daytrips) and I can arrange accommodations for a night. - Had 30 (used) bikes in the last seven years before I came to Thailand, sort of a hobby, but ride a Phantom 200 now. Well, things change! - Enjoy your TDM, one of my favorite bikes, right after Suzuki's SV 650.
  6. phuah

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    Hi Klaus, what about on the way North?
    I am planning a trip from Singapore going to Loas in January 2005.
    If you are staying in south of Bangkok, most properly I will pass-by your area, since I have to make a right turn to the east after Bangkok.

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