New Ducati Caffe Opens in Bangkok


Mar 5, 2006

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati seems to be focusing more on the marketing side these days than developing new bikes. Aimed at raising brand awareness, and company revenues for that matter, Ducati has recently inaugurated a new lifestyle shop at Fiumicino Airport in Rome and announced the launch of the official online store.


Now the company has opened the Ducati Caffe - its new concept restaurant and lounge bar - in Bangkok, Thailand, in order to provide a meeting point for motorcycle enthusiasts as well as a culinary destination for food gourmands.

In addition, the "food and beverage" core is complemented by merchandising and the latest Ducati brand apparel and products in the "shop in shop" area.

“In addition to transmitting the content of the Ducati brand and boosting its popularity even further, the Ducati Caffe aims to provide a meeting point for all those who have, or dream of having, a Ducati motorcycle. To attract that core of enthusiasts and other visitors the Ducati Caffe provides unparalleled attention to quality in an extraordinary top-flight ambiance,”
the company explains in a statement for the press.

With a modern, sporty atmosphere, the Ducati Caffe provides the customer an area to browse through international magazines, internet surfing Wi-Fi and LCD screens. It is also a venue for special events such as wine tasting and presentations.

“From breakfast to lunch, from dinner to the evening, the Ducati Caffè is a perfect blend of food authenticity, creative gastronomic combinations and painstaking attention to detail. The perfect place for those seeking emotion and harmony and, above all, passion and gusto for all things fine,” Ducati brags.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
I am not sure that Ducati actually own the Cafe in Bangkok? It was set up and is operated by Renzo the Italian Chef who has a couple of very popular Restaurants in BKK, He is also a Ducati Enthusiast and owns a real trick Classic Custom which some people may have seen at different events? He had it at the first Khon Kaen Bike week which is where I first meet Him. He also has a New Multistrada and a Diavel!!! We meet Him in Laos again just before Christmas on His Multi! Oh the Caffe is beside the Ducati Showroom Monsterman, I haven't been there yet but West and the Secret Soi Riders are regular visitors!


Sep 10, 2010
I watched the Moto GP there last Sunday and had a bite to eat, good food but small portions, nice plays to watch MotoGP or SBK altough most people buggered off after the race was finished.
I went there on the way home from off-road riding around Kao Kheaw, my dirty and battered KLX at least looked like a real bike compared to those Italian Thonglor cruisers ;-)


Dec 27, 2007
Great ambiance, food needs work. Trent and I had our lunches comped when we were there with West and Ko a few weeks ago.

Fish and Chips pretty much inedible. But Renzo is a great guy and will get the food quality sorted I'm sure.


Jan 31, 2005
It is on Thonglor directly across the street from Thonglor Soi 23, in the same enclave as the Ducati Showroom.

Although the bottom Cafe has been open for 1-2 months, it has not really been fully open until a week or two ago. That is when the resturant upstairs opened, and a full menu menu is now available. All the food I have has been great. Cooked by an Italian chef who has many years in Thailand working for different Hotels and Resorts.

Great place to hang out and soak up the Motorcycle happenings outside the shop.

Renzo really goes out of his way to make everyone feel very welcome there. He is in his element combining Bikes, Food, and Business!