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    New Thai-Myanmar border checkpoint promotes trade and tourism

    MAE HONG SON, April 13 (TNA) - Caretaker Thai Interior Minister Kongsak Wanthana on Thursday opened a new border checkpoint between Thailand and Myanmar, to promote trade and tourism between the two countries.

    The minister said the border checkpoint located in Ban Mae Sam Leab in Sob Mei district of this northern province would help strengthen relations and economic cooperation between Thailand and its neighbour
    to the west.

    Air Chief Marshal Kongsak said it would also promote His Majesty the King's self-sufficiency scheme as well as globalised economy.

    He said the ministry has given citizenship to more than 20,000 migrants and hoped they would behave as Thais and be grateful to their nation.

    The minister later chaired a ceremony to celebrate the Songkran Water Festival, in which people from both countries participated.

    Marshal Kongsak also visited some royal development projects under the patronage of His Majesty the King at Tung Kong Muu. His 2-day visit to Mae Hong Son ends Friday.

    Note: This is a local border crossing only & NOT a full international crossing for foreigners.

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    A friend of mine here in the states said he heard of a way to get some kind of government permit for taking a bike into Myanmar. Anyone know the details on that?
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    How ya going ol mate?
    No I haven't heard anything about a govt permit for taking bikes into Burma.
    These rumours surface all the time: someone knows someone who knows someone who knows a way that it can be arranged / done, but no one is doing it or has ever really done it, at least from the Thai side as far as I know.
    Simon & Suzy snuck through a couple of years ago ... hTerms=gps
    but I think that their trip was a one off & is not going to be repeated for several years.
    Years ago when things were a bit more peaceful in Burma & the border areas were controlled by the ethnic groups, & not the Burmese govt, you could get some limited passes for trips inside Burma, but none of these are possible with the current situation. If anything happens you might be able to get a pass for a limited excursion from Tachlilek up to Kentung & back, but I’ll believe it when it happens & there’s photographic proof.

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    Bummer. I spent a bunch of time there last fall, and it would be a spectacular place to ride. I trekked from Kalaw to Inle Lake through the backcountry and the entire route was doable by bike. I'll just save that GPS track for a rainy day.

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