Obkahn to Samoeng offroad

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  1. Today we had the pleasure to finish a track we weren’t able to pass thru during the rainy season. https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t4226.html. Last year in the rainy season we had a long bath in the river without even wanting it. This time everything went smooth and we could climb the mountain to come out somewhere near Samoeng.

    We started at 11 am at George’s house, drove thru the Rajaphuark Park and passed Wat Doi Kam and took the offroad shortcut half way to Samoeng. At the big mine, that you can see from the mainroad we took a left and managed our way thru to Obkahn National Park. This time we didn’t have to register with the headquarters and kept riding.
    Instead of turning left to go to the Waterfall we continued riding offroad until this section here:
    Just left from this spirit house is the offroad track going from Obkahn to Samoeng

    The river and the old man

    Nothing to fancy here just got stuck for nothing

    Life’s a bitch – so am I

    D’ crossing the river

    Chuck Norris aka George makes all the difference…..


    How steep is your love?


    ….probably steep enough…..


    Xr 250 stuck also called D-Tracker, because it’s D’s tracker


    Can you feel the heat in your meat?


    Chuck Norris preparing for a stunt.


    D’s tracker deeply involved…….


    Log bouncing


    Very nice passage here. D got stuck between two trees and went downhill for about 10 meters. Bend handlebar, broken choke, broken hand protectors. After this little stunt his bike wouldn’t start again, so we had to pull it up the hill. Needless to say, that after that we were totally exhausted.


    Is this narrow enough?


    Chuck Norris aka George trying to kick start D’s bike without success


    Trying to fix the bike, without success….


    Invasion of flies …….what you cannot see here, we were surrounded by thousand of tiny little flies


    We had to push D’s bike up the hill until we reached nicer terrain




    After that Chuck Norris aka George drove G’s bike, that I pulled with a rope until Samoeng. Back in Samoeng we filled our hungry stomachs with some nice Noodle Soup and some cold water. Another attempt pulling D’s bike to get it running again was successful and George rode D’s bike back home.

    The total of this trip was only 75 km, but with all the incidents and unexpected failures it took us almost 5 hours to get trough there. I’m happy because now I finally managed to ride this track in full length and I don’t regret any minute of it.
  2. Here's the obligatory video from today's trip. Check out D's accidental wheely. I think it's very funny.
  3. Good stuff Rudi, couldn't make it yesterday as my Mum's last day in Thailand and had to do the family thing.

    Going to work today until end of April, hope to go riding with you and Chuck again at that time.

    That hill looks pretty steep + rutted out!

  4. Hi Darren,
    yeah we missed you yesterday, anyway we'll do some more riding when you're back.......and f... yeah it was steep. D' realy had some problems with his bike and the hill.
  5. Nice one Saxonator & co - talk about on any "Monday" (or was it on a Sunday your ride?).
    You guys are having too much fun beating up our bikes & bodies.
    Oh to be "young & stupid" again eh?
    Thanks for the contribution once again.
  6. Sawadee Loong David krahp,

    kop khun maak krap samlap took sing to yang. Or in other words, thanks for your comment. I think young and stupid is the only way to go.

    Cheers Rudi :lol: :D :eek: :wink: :roll: :shock: 8)
  7. You guys really do some extreme enduro stuff. As usual great action photos. It shows that there are still areas around CM that many of us have not seen. Great stuff there Rudi :lol:
  8. Thanks David,
    apreciate your nice comment. Nowadays everybody is going offroad somewhere and what used to be remote years back is now as busy as the night bazaar and you even gotta watch when you speed around the corner in the jungle. There might be two tourist on a honda dream driving on your side. I allways liked the remote staff, where only very few are able to go.

    Cheers Rudi
  9. Hi Happy Feet,

    one of my great secrets is riding without a map and never take any notice of where I pass. To be honest I don't know if we came out on the besaid road. Anyway it seems to be true that the last 15 km or so is tarmac. But that was only an option because of so many delays and as Mr. D. is not yet that experienced doing the crazy shit, it took much longer then expected, so we had no other choice then getting back on the tarmac. Anyway I will be more precise next time and probably gonna make some little notices so others are more likely to find the tracks.

    Thanks for the post.

  10. Happy Feet
    Any photos to share??

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