Ok Phansa - Tod Kathin Festival - 2015 - Sri Dornchai - Chiang Khong.

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    14 November 2015

    Following on - coinciding with the Lue Lai Kham Museum grand opening on 13 November 2015


    was the annual Kathin ceremony at Wat Sri Dornchai just south of Chiang Khong.

    The festival is an old one & conducted at many temples around the North after the rainy season.

    The  rough idea being to present new robes to the monks. Cotton is picked, carded & woven non stop over night to present fresh robes at the temple the next day.

    Some of the festival are extremely elaborate & involve donations of millions of baht to the temple.


    28529513916-img_3770. Wat Sri Lom Yen - Chiang Khong - Kathin festival 2012

    28965915570-img_3911. Wat Sri Lom Yen - Chiang Khong - Kathin festival 2012

    Some historical info:
    The Wat Sri Dornchai festival in 2015

    GTR-IMG_5722-. Wat Sri Dornchai - Chiang Khong

    There's a fair ground set up in the temple compound


    Lue people are dressed up in costume


    Free food is available for everyone



    Some belles of the night


    more to come
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    The cotton picking show gets under the way

    There is a sizeable crowd seated for the event


    The celestial maidens arrive to pick the cotton


    Cotton is ceremoniously picked


    Then presented to the guardians


    It is officially collected


    Then presented for all to see


    more coming
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    Once the cotton has been picked it's off to the "cotton weaving shed."

    Located off to the side is a massive sala


    set up for the cotton to be processed - carded, spun & woven.

    There are scores of women


    in Tai Lue costume lined up to work all night until they have woven new robes for the monks








    next presenting the robes
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    Tut tut, something I never finished off, apologies

    The next day a small parade to present the new robes to the temple /monks.

    The villagers all march in traditional Tai Lue costumes







    a local farang joins in

    entering the temple compound with the robes

    Tod kathin ceremonies take place all over the North at the end of the rainy season - October is the month. More often at full moon, or there abouts.
    For me Tai Lue ones are the most colourful.
    Nan is a good place to see them.
    Chiang Khong is is good.
    For a bit more info they have featured on GTR here
    Festivals in The Top North for Ok Phansa.October 2012.

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    Beautiful photos David, you certainly have the knack of finding these great festivals.


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