On Phu Chi Fah, Pha Tang Roads, Great Panoramic

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  1. helbob

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    Phu Chee Fah 2013, Part 1


    This year i had a great weather in december at Phi Chee Fah area. The temperature was not under 12 in the night, but when you drive it feels cold.
    In this pictures you see the Pha Tang Mountain, Phu Chi Fah and the secret Phu Pha Sawan where i been alone.
    I came there in the happy new year days where all people from bangkok come here. So it was not easy to get a room or there are very expensive (a old ugly bamboo bungalow 800-1200). But i had lucky with the Phu Chee Fah Lodge, 7km from Phu Chi Fah. 3 days including breakfast for 2000 and some add day for 600. Every day i had to change the bungalow, because booking. The lovely receptionist miss may speak a little bite englisch and take care me about food, room a.m.

    Everything about 4000km was driven with a new Honda CRF 250, made in thailand. The longest daytrip with more than 400km goes from Mae Hong Son to Pai then via Arunothai to Chiang Rai.
    The CRF 250 is a good bike, but same low power as the Kawasaki.




    More will follow

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  3. TonyBKK

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    Wow, fantastic pictures and amazing views!! You are brave to have been on the road during the New Year madness! Glad you made it home in one piece! :happy1:
  4. brian_bkk

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    Great pics.. Thanks for sharing

  5. helbob

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    Phu Chee Fah 2013, Part 2

    Back in germany now, a few more pictures and informations.
    All thes pictures are a very big lucky because when i loose my first accomodation, the other resorts near Rom Fah Thai told me very high prices for old and ugly rooms. I thought, when i not found a cheaper one i will go back to Chiang Rai. First i ask the resort where i been 2 years ago, the Phu Sawan Resort, but they told me already on the phone 1000 baht per bungalow. But then i found near Phu sawan the Phu Chee Fah Lodge about 9km from Rom Fah Thai.

    Phu Chee Fah Lodge Tel. 053-918322 or 084-9431960
    http://www.phucheefalodge.com/index.php?mo=10&art=41932897 (Thai)
    [email protected]

    The way up to Phu Chee Fah

    I am on the top of Phu Chee Fah and look left

    The great panoramic to Laos in the early morning

    Pha Tang, about 25km from Phu Chee Fah

    Phu Pha Sawan Viewpoint. The Viewpoint is on the nose near middle of the pic. On this nose is a stone Thailand/Laos. The way up start from Phu Chee Fah Lodge ans is a small path.

    More will follow
  6. DavidFL

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    Superb photos (as usual) Hellbob & many thanks for posting them

    the Pha Tang ones are quite appropriate after the GTR Mekong boat trip.
    Here's a view of Pratu Siam - Pha Tang from the Mekong.

  7. helbob

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    Phu Chee Fah 2013, Part 3

    The map. For a better detail please klick the image and you will see the map in a high 2000 pixels resolution (different map)

    My first accommodation was near Rom Fah Thai. This village is about 1500m sealevel and in the night of december/january sometimes under 10C.
    The bungalows on the right side with the white roof.

    Inside 2 big beds, a place for cooking, tv, bathroom and a small balcony. The man there speak only thai and when i call him with mobilephone it was difficult to speak with him. Then his friend came to the resort and told me i can stay 2 nights for 500 baht each night, but next day he said sorry mistake today full booked :-( an gave me 500 baht back.

    A really nice place and the bungalows also nice.

    In the night

    So i start to look some resorts but all in Room Fah thai very expensive or very ugly AND expensive, most fully booked.

    A brand new one, maybe in the low season very cheap. Low season = monday to friday and no holidays (happy new year, christmas......)


    So i thought it is the best when i go some kilomters away from this „expensive city“. About 8km in the south i came to the Phu Chee Fah Lodge, not easy to see from the street because on a stepy hill left. But on the right side i saw the restaurant with this sign and ask

    Here the view from the bungalows to the restaurant on the street

    For your information: In most resorts no one speaks english or only a little bite. At many resorts are no staff from monday to friday. If you want a room you must call them, but when you want stay only one night then they are lazy to come. Some resorts work like a family style and they are very friendly.

    Note: All tours described here are included in the Digital Map Thailand and the tracks from Phu Chee Fah / Pha Tang are just inserted.

    More will follow
  8. DavidFL

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    Thanks for the accommodation run down. The Phu Chi Fah area is always a bit hit & miss. High season - packed & over priced, off season almost no one around to give you a room.
  9. helbob

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    Phu Chee Fah 2013, Part 4

    Phu Chee Fah Lodge.
    I had lucky and Mrs Mai told me „ 3 nights incl. breakfast are 2000 baht“, but i had to change the bungalow after the first night. This was my bungalow for the first night:


    A very big room with 2 double beds, TV, bathroom and balcony, nice but to big for me alone :)



    Next morning after a good thaibreakfast with coffee, tea, eggs and many others. It is a buffet and you can eat as much you want, also toast and jam available. But be careful with the small sausage What you see on the top of the pic, no not hot, this sausage is sweet :( . But the rice soup is authentic thai and very good. After the breakfast i had to change my bungalow and mrs Mai help me.

    Two nights later i want stay loger because it is not to cold and i like this place with the mountains. Mrs Mai check the bookings and said yes, but i must change the bungalow again. O.k. no problem, the next one was a small one, but i like it. Next day i want stay one more day and must change to the Ban Din Bungalow :). Mrs Mai said „we have 5 differt types of bungalow an now you tried 4 of them“, ha ha, yes it was a good experience because all bungalows were good and clean.
    Phu Chee Fah Lodge, the Ban Din Bungalow. This bungalow was built of clay. On the day cool, in the night warm and silent, best feeling.


    With TV and bathroom

    Phu Chee Fah Lodge, at the evening in the restaurant with beautiful sunset. Mrs Mai was very friendly and when i want order something to eat or drink the staff call „Mai Mai Mai“ and Mrs Mai come to receive my order :). I spok thai to the staff because i knowing they not speak english but when they saw i want something they are shy and call Mrs Mai, funny.

    More will follow
  10. helbob

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    Phu Chee Fah 2013, Part 5

    Evening at Phu Chee Fah Lodge:
    Everybody got a hot-air-ballon and then we have to start it. My one goes nearly down but then start up as a rocket :)

    In the night near the resort

    Phu Chee Fah landscape

    2. day on the Phu Chee Fah summit, cold and cloudy

    So i look sunflower :)

    But later the clouds gone, sun came

    Phu Chee Fah landscape with the summit

    Phu Chee Fah summit

    The feeling in the morning on the summit is indescribable mystical.


    More will follow
  11. Rod Page

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    I just cant believe the shots you take.
  12. helbob

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    Thanks :p
    Good light, good pics! This year it was realy good.
  13. helbob

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    Phu Chee Fah 2013, Part 6

    Thats a good thing, with the wheel chair to the Phu Chee Fah summit.

    I am on the summit in the early morning



    Rom Fah Thai, the way up to Phu Chee Fah

    Room Fah Thai in the night

    Many time on Phu Chee Fah i could see this sign „Sharp Curve“....

    ....and this „Use Low Gear“

    Many dirt roads in this area, one of them to the Pha Lae Cave Forest Park, no fee. A small cave with buddha inside

    Nobody was here when i been there.

    More will follow
  14. helbob

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    Phu Chee Fah 2013, Part 7

    Pha Lae Cave Forest Park, no fee

    This place is north of Pha Tang

    This dirt road is only for motorcycle, a shortcut between 2 big asphalt roads over a mountain. In the village it was a asphalt road, then a dirt road through a jungle. Over the pass only a path.

    After the pass a bigger road....

    ...with a big panorama, fantastic, i like this views.

    Pha Tang, Mekong River in Laos

    The way back from Phu Chee Fah to Chiang Rai.

    First to the small Laos Border, then to the border market and then to the Phusang Waterfall.

    Phusang Waterfall, no Fee and a good quiet place when you are not on saturday or sunday here.

    Border to Laos

    A nice resort near Phusang. Some resorts now here.

    Back in Chiang Rai for Happy New Year. The big road on the clock tower was closed for the happy new year celebration with 3 music stages and many food shops.

    Conclusion: I think the Phu Chee Fah area (or Doi Chang area) is a recommended destination much more than, say, the Doi Inthanon, which also suggests a high entrance fees and various impact.

    END of this year
  15. Rod Page

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    Like you hellbob I'm a big fan of the Phu Chee Fah & Pha Tang area where great rides are to be found by those prepared to adventure a little outside the well-worn routes. The area is also packed with history for those undertaking just a little pre-ride research. Many living in Doi Mae Salong fought the communists there on behalf of Thailand; a very close friend & GH operator in DMS known to many in the GT community saw his father killed there in the fighting whilst he as a boy of only 14 years fighting alongside his father. Such adventures by the way are not too difficult, nor requiring uniquely off-road bikes but are accessible to motards or correctly 'shoed' larger road bikes. That said, there are some equally good rides off the top/out behind Doi Inthanon & around the lesser used routes surrounding Mae Charm.

    It just makes one realise how lucky are those able to be riding in the area, how much there is to see for those with an adventurous spirit.

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