1. A quick blast for an overnighter to meet up with the lads from Bkk.
    Got away from the super at 3.10Pm & arrived in Pai 2 1/4 grs later after a quick drink "splash 'n go" stop at Mae Sae.
    Checked into Pichai ghouse in the centre of town, waiting for Sukie & co to turn up.
    I was early or they had no phone signal.
    After a shower & coffee I settle into a 2 hr massage & the phone goes off mid-way. We're in town eating & drinking & talking bikes come on down to Baan Pai.
    The massage gets cut off 15 mins later & I catch up to the boys.
    A slow but good night follows, but hell Pai was extremely quiet that night.

    Next day meet up at Sipsongpanna Resort to ride back with the boys...

    Getting ready to ride..

    The road gets wet 'n greasy up on the ridgeline & we stop for a view & photo on a nice long U-Turn bend.


    Aha..... Stopped for a photo in the middle of nowhere & the Walls Icecream man rocks up. Amazing Thailand.
    So what better to do but all have an ice cream beside the road & laugh about what a great country this to be in & ride...

    Get back on the bikes & 500 meters later we stop to re-adjust the bike tied down in the back of the pickup for the guy with the cracked collar bone...

    At the Papae turn off it's a drink stop & the dirt riders head off to Samoeng.

    I head on home alone to Cnx on the AT.

    Another good weekend ride & NO RAIN GEAR necessary. You guys who aren't riding because of the cloudy skies are missing out.
  2. Hi David,

    Thank you for your map .I got it from Sukie.Hope to c u again soon in Chiang Mai.
  3. I did a quick up and back run to Pai yesterday. On the way up the road was in excellent condition as far as the asphalt is concerned, but very dirty in places. I was dodging rain showers and only a few K of wet pavement. :D

    I had a short lunch and headed home as the skies opened up! They are doing a lot of drainage ditch digging and other work on the sides of the road. In the heavy rain these all overflowed and washed loads of mud and debris onto the road. On top of this the trucks carried mud onto the road from the construction areas.

    In summary, the ride up was green, nice and fun. The ride back to CNX, not so much :cry:
  4. Tia
    No trouble mate - I hope you put the map to good use.
    It was a pleasure to meet up with you guys in Pai.
    I hope all is well for you in Bkk & you will soon have your Honda big bikes for sale on the market. A Transalp 700 first please!

    I sent you an email, please acknowledge receipt, so that I know I have
    the right address.
  5. Funny how it goes...... A quiet dinner rendezvous with a couple of RTW bikers at the Kafe & a few extra ales & few extra stragglers turn up.....


    Thurs 9.30 AM meet at the Kafe for brekky to exchange shock absorbers.
    Yep that's right RobertH is offering a loan of one of his standard Africa Twin shocks to Claudio (an AT mechanic from Switz) to install in Ruth's 600 Transalp while their YSS shock is being rebuilt in Bkk.
    Thurs arvo the RTW biker girls Helen & Ruth will go shopping while the boys drink beer, talk shop & watch Claudio install the AT shock in the Transalp. Fun fun fun!


    Friday late morning
    Meet at the Kafe
    LATE start & all off to Pai for the night.
    The Cnx GT rider contingent returning to Cnx on Saturday (to watch MotoGP at the UN Irish on Sunday) while the RTW bikers
    Helen BMW F650
    Clemente BMW F650
    Ruth Transalp 600
    Claudio Africa Twin 750
    continue on around the Mae Hong Son loop
    sounds like a lot of fun.

    + GT Riders firmly & inebriatedly committed
    Ben The SEO Guy


    Then Swing by the Kafe at the appropriate times.
    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  6. Aha, the best of inebriated plans.
    The AT shock doesn't quite fit the Transalp without modifications, so no go for the Transalp.

    & our RTW riders are off on the MHS loop today - Thursday.

    Helen with the F650

    Clemente with the F650

    Claudio & Ruth doubled up on the Africa Twin

    and no departure tomorrow for the Cnx GT Riders.

    Claudio is a bike mechanic & loves ATs. This is his third Africa Twin & it is pretty tricked out.


    Check out Claudio's website at

    Check out Ruth's website at

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