Peg lowering kit and Seat mod for Versys?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Ninja, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. I'm 6-2, 235.

    I love the Kawasaki Versys, but it is just too cramped between the seat and pegs for me.

    Yes, I know the foot placement is closer to the frame than a cruiser, and the riding position is a bit of "crouch" compared to a cruiser. That isn't the problem.

    Has anyone my size or larger done these mods on their Versys? Result?
  2. What about repacking the seat to raise it a bit - would that help?
  3. Thought about doing that, too, Dave.

    The seat an inch higher and an inch deeper away from the tank (that ridge for the passenger is hell) would help a lot with the peg lowering. I just don't know if it will affect my reach from the shoulders to the handlebars. I'd like to sit on one that's been modified.
  4. I have this rider and passenger footpeg lowering kit installed on my 2012 V. The rider peg is lowered about 25mm but you do loose some foot rest space as a result. This helps me get a bit more comfy on the pegs (pillion too). I am 5' 10" so I have limited inseam height.

    I believe that padding up your saddle would be more effective for your 6' 2" height with the added bonus of an even more comfy seat. I don't think reach will be an issue for you though you may find that your riding posture may not be as upright as you would like. Perhaps a riser block from the same vendor can help. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, Rob!

    Riser block for the handlebars is also a consideration. I've seen the peg-lowering kit from MotoWerk, and I wish I had known about it a week ago. LOL
  6. You will have to suck it & see. Modifying a seat here costs peanuts.
  7. Agree with that, Dave. Just need to find someone who can do it well.
  8. Hi Ninja,

    I have the Motowerks footpeg-lowering set for sale if you want, I bought them for my ER6 but they just touch my Laser exhaust on the right hand side so could not fit them.
    See they sell for USD 47 = Bht 1,474 + shipping (and Thai taxes if customs here takes a closer look) so guess it would cost you around Bht 2000 but I am willing to sell mine for Bht 1000.-
    Plse contact me on 081 827 3496 if you are interested.


  9. Thanks, Frank! I'm interested if it's the peg-lowering kit for the Versys.
  10. I compared the photo and description and they look the same, you can try them and pay me if they fit and if they dont fit I take them back, let me know, cheers
  11. Okay. I only have one issue. I haven't purchased a Versys yet. :smile1: But I would have invested in the Versys peg-lowering kit to have it when I take the plunge.

    I'll be looking in Loei and Khon Kaen for a new one -- if they have them at the dealer. The Udon dealer sold what they had and never restocked. Got no idea what that's about.
  12. Haha, sorry did not realize that, anyhow my offer stands and I am not in rush so just let me know how you get on with it.
  13. Yes, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Buy a bike that doesn't fit and hope the mods make it fit. If they don't work, then I'm stuck with a bike that I won't ride. 555

    The ideal situation would be to find someone who has made the mods and sit on it to see if it would work for me.

    Bottom line is that none of it may ever happen.
  14. I had about the same problem when I wanted to buy my Versys .... but due to my short legs I could not touch the ground. And yes I knew that you could lower the bike, but nobody was even selling them in Thailand. So even before I bought the bike I asked the Kawa dealer if you would test install them on their test-ride-Versys. And he said yes, so I bought the lowering-kit and had it installed on the test-ride-versys. And it worked perfect so I bought a Versys.

    Nowadays you can rent the Versys very easy, so just rent one and try if it is really so cramped. If so buy the stuff you think that will help you and install that on the rental bike (not sure if the rental-company is going to like it).

    Chang Noi
  15. Now THAT is a plan. Thanks for that tip!
  16. Frank, I just fired off an email to MotoWerk asking them about the fitment of the peg-lowering kit. I'll be in touch as soon as I hear back from them!

    UPDATE: Just got an email response from MotoWerk. They said that while the parts look similar, they are not interchangeable between Kawasaki models and are made specificially for the model indicated.
  17. Ok tnks, I will keep them on the shelf..
  18. Once again, thanks for the offer, Frank!
  19. i have a versys with peg lowering kit and handlebar riser. in addition i have an airhawk seat that raises the seat height a little. i am over 6-2 and find the bike comfortable . no problem riding all day.
  20. Appreciate that great feedback, akbob!

    I've sent you a PM.
  21. I will take these if you still have them. PM sent.
  22. Bob, I've sent you another PM. I'll be in your area during the second week in October.
  23. I picked up lowered foot pegs from Panda Rider in Bangkok. They make a big difference on over all comfort. I'm 5-10 but have long legs so the height of the Versys doesn't bother me.
  24. How much did they cost? Was it fairly easy to install? On the motowerk website, they commented that one might have to make some changes to the sidestand?
  25. Can't remember the cost.

    They bolted straight on without any issues. I did adjust the shifter linkage after riding a bit with the lower pegs. Thats more for personal feel than necessary. My bike is 2011 model.

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