Photos, Nov 05, 8 day ride N. West Loop

Sep 22, 2004
Greetings from Hidden Cambodia, Siem Reap

5 bikes,8 days,
Route Siem Reap to Anlong Veng to Preah Vihear,
Preah Vihear To Koh Ker,
Koh Ker,Chep To Stung Treng.
Stung Treng to Bang Lung,
Bang Lung to Sen Monorom
Sen Monorom to Kampong Cham
Kampong Cham to Prasat Bakan
Bakan to Siem Reap

Ride free.. Ride safe in to the

Ride Free, Ride Safe into the Hidden Cambodia


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Dec 18, 2003
Nice pics -- how was the ride from Banlung direct to SM? How many hours, was it difficult at all to find your way, how sandy, etc...


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Dec 14, 2004
New pictures from the trip @:

We left Ban Lung at 7-8am, arrived in Sen Monorom at 9-10pm.
The first half of the journey from Ban Lung was very tough: We never had to push the bikes and never got stuck in the sand/mud but we had to stay focused 100% of the time and ride without having decent breaks. By 2pm we arrived at the mid point (in distance) I can't remember the name of the village but we were exhausted.
The secong half of the journey was long (6 hours) but without major difficulties. A very pleasant ride. Paul, from Hidden in Cambodia even managed to drive my bike which had the handle-bar broken in 2 (one of the handle was hanging!!!).
We have to say that it is not easy to find the right ox-cart trails on the first half of the journey however we were lucky to be guided by Paul who new very well the tracks..
We strongly advice anybody who doesn't know the place to use the services provided by HiddenInCambodia. Without them it would have been impossible to close this loop (1600 Km in 8 days). We can't collect any credit for this trip knowing we were just following Paul and the mecanic issues were dealt with very quickly by his brother Mr Slim. He was travelling with the 3 of us...
However it was an amazing experience...
Sep 22, 2004
Will be doing at all again!!
Date is set already

Nov 5th to the 12th, 05 - 8 dyas, 7 nights.
Looking for additional riders.

Ride Free, Ride Safe into the Hidden Cambodia