Phu Hin Rongkla: The most spectacular ride road?

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  1. 1992 a run to Phu Hin Rongkla National Park.
    The scenery & roads are spectacular, the best I've seen outside North Thailand!

    Photos above: German Joe from Joes Bike Team & his old Kawasaki 750 Eliminator.

    That totally amazing spectacular road

    It was a motley crew and a half

    Check out the Nat Park info here ... action.asp

    Phu Hin Rongkla National Park was one ofthe last commie HQs in Thailand.
    The history is intriguing & worth researching.

    For you guys out there in Esarn, looking for a new ride, this one is amazing. And the route number is 2331. Just watch out for the road conditions on the Lom Kao side.
  2. Captain
    Don't tell me you've missed this one?

    The Phu Hin Rong Kla road goes between Nakhon Thai & Lom Kao (near Lomsak)
    From the "south end" of R2331 you take R2372 from off R12 or R203 near Lom Kao.
    The road is steepest at the south end & on the steepest asphalt turns can be broken up & rutted at the end of the wet season. Best to go in from the Lom Kao end straight after the wet & if you can't get up (on a sport bike) then it's not far to turn around.
    From the Nakhon Thai end there are a couple of turn offs on R2013, either side of NT city & the R1143 turn off. I use the turn off between Nakhon Thai & Dan Sai.
  3. David, BEAUTIFUL and not so far away, next longer ride must be this one !!! Many thanks for this tip !!!!! Cheers, Franz
  4. Peter, Thanks for bringing this one into the limelight again, and David for the previous trip photos and the Nat Park info etc.
    This one is almost on my doorstep and I knew nothing about it. The 2016, is also a great road not so far away and the one that Capt reported on recently. I must get up to the 2331 soon, How exiting riding a road that Captn Slash has not been on, better be quick, looks ideal for the GS
  5. Hello Captain_Slash

    The Routes to Phu Hin Rongla National Park.

    From Phitsanulok 12 - 2013 - 2331

    From Lom Sak 12 - 2372 - 2331

    From Uttaradit ....11 - 1246 - 1143 - 2331

    From Nan ....1268 - 1237 - 1443 - 2331

    by Berndtson
  6. Hi Capt,
    The map Silverhawk has posted shows the road which runs from the 2013 East of Nakhon Thai to Lom Kao just North of Lomsak.

    What I intend to do is follow the 12 from Khon Kaen past Lomsak, towards Pitsanalok, when one climbs out of Lomsak one must be able to see the terrain the 2013 runs over if one stops at the rest area, coffee stop on the RHS of the No 12 about 20 to 30 Km out of Lomsak.

    I will turn right on the 2013 about 55km out of Lomsak, this goes to Nakhon Thai, There seem to be two right turns onto the 2331, one before NT and one after passing thro it. The 2331 then follows the high ground South West and once back on lower ground, ends up joining a jumble of roads, near Lom Kao
    I will probably turn north on the 203 and pick up the 2016, to Wang Saphung and back to KK.
    If you let me know when you intend to do it, maybe I could join you in Nakhon Thai.

  7. Captain,
    Well I must admit you have lost me on this one, a few others also took you at your word.
    Anyway, the road is the road and the scenery is the scenery, whoever has or hasn't ridden it, so I am looking forward to the ride. John
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  9. And another pic of the guys - there were some amazing characters in the group.


    Brilliant easy going days & rides.
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