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  1. Ok , I know there are a lot of you guys here in Phuket , how about a meet up for a ride this Saturday afternoon ? 20-12-2008 .1.30pm
    meet up at the 7/11 on the eastern rd off Heroines monument....heading towards Ao Po.
    There's some very groovy little rds I've found and then we can head off the island for a blast along the roads around Phang Nga Bay(see earlier trip report)
    All those keen please give me a heads up so we don't leave without you. So far , couple of Super motards....all comers welcome...only proviso...having a laugh, enjoying the ride !
  2. Simon
    Back from Mae Chaem as you can see & fixed your post.
    Good luck with the Phuket troop round up.
  3. Sorry on the 20th and then next 10 days Im busy with moving to a new place and christmas celebrations and such.
    Would have loved to go tho.
  4. I would love to join you, but am currently stuck in Bangkok, as things are taking a bit longer than I thought here to sort out.

    On a good note, I purchase a new lid and riding jacket while I was here! So am ready to ride when I get back.

    Sorry man, hope you find a few to join you.
  5. Once again , a sad turn out from the island wonders !
    Noel and i did a bit of exploring on the NE of the island and were pleasantly suprised. Dickhead here forgot his camera , so i'm taking myself off for a Xmas ride today to shoot the trip. Post to follow.
    Seasons greetings to all out there and may 2009 bring you what you need.

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