Pirelli angel tyres for versys

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mja34, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Just ordered some Pirelli angel tyres for my versys!, anyone had these yet? And how did you find them?
    Enjoyed the scorpions my bike came on! But fancied something a bit more Rd oriented!.
  2. Similar question :) ... but I still "fancy" a proportion of uneven roads and my motivation is that scorpions are out of stock right now. How are angels reacting away from tarmac. Only seen excellent reports for asphalt (wet and dry) but nothing about driving on Lao style highways.
  3. Angels are touring tires, quite a hard compound and very long lasting, but I would not expect very good performance on anything other than pavement...
  4. Thank you Tony, yes this is what I have got from all the readings on the net. Excellent tyres on tarmac. As my scorpions behaved well on the Lao hazards, I decided to finish them on a short Mae Hong Son loop and wait for the scorpion's next delivery wich should be soon enough. Cheers Jürgen
  5. I had the Scorpions on my versys and they are probably the best tyres for that bike. You will miss them.

    If my current bike wouldn't "eat" its tyres, I would have gone for the Scorpions again but I will go for the Angels instead because I am getting tired replacing them every 5000 km.

    My current tyres are Diablo Rosso ll
  6. Have you received and fitted your Angels yet? I have a pair on mine and they are absolutely fantastic on asphalt. Even as a new rider, I only have about a 1.5 cm chicken strip on them after a recent ride from Wang Nam Khiao, they are that confidence inspiring.
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    I put an Angel on the back of my GSXR for last year's Malaysia tour as I was worried that a softer tire wouldn't last, here I am, nearly 10000km later and the damn thing just won't die!! It's a great touring tire, but not nearly as sticky as a Rosso or Supercorsa.
  8. sa
    I don't ride anywhere near as hard as you do so hopefully, the grip's plenty for me and the tyres will take me well into 12-13,000 kms!
  9. Well have only had time to pop on 400k on the new Angels and so far very impressed,nice neutral handling and good service from cockpit on hang dong Rd CM.
  10. I guess I need the Angels. I don't like the design but I do like the brand.

    Are they better than the Bridgestone’s in your opinion let’s say compared to the BT 023.

    Have you tried the S20? I believe they are in the range of the Rosso 2.

  11. BT023 is a good sport touring tire, better grip and shorter life than an Angel. Sorry, no experience with S20.
  12. Ah ok. So the Angels have basically one of the hardest compounds around.
  13. Could not wait any longer for the'Scorpions' and finally settled for 'Angels'. Good feeling on my first ride … maybe because they are new :). Should be OK for the next 10'000 kilometers … than probably back to first love :lol:


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