Places related to KMT history in Northern Thailand

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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone here can advise me on the English names of a few of these places in Chiangmai Province of Northern Thailand. These places are related to the KMT soldiers who resettled in the area. I am trying to locate exactly where they are or which towns they are nearest to, but I only have the Chinese names. After some researching on the internet, my guess is at best sketchy. So I hope I can get some kind of help or confirmation here if you happen to know. Thank you.

    Here goes:

    - Is 大谷地 Ban Arunothai? Where is it near?
    - Is 唐窩 Ban Tham Ngob? There is a Thom Ngob Inn (
    ) that I would like to go to, but I have no idea to which town it is closest to. Is it near Chai Prakan?
    - Where exactly is 熱水塘? Near Fang? What is it known as in English?

    Any kind of advice is much appreciated. Thank you!
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    I knew the 熱水塘,it's means hot spring in chinese
    熱 hot
    水 water
    塘 pool

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