Planning a trip from PP - Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri) - Kraitie - PP 12/5-15/5

Apr 10, 2012
Hi all,

Just thought I'd let you know I'm planning a four day trip from PP - Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri) - Kraitie - PP during the King's birthday long weekend from Saturday 12th May - Tuesday 15th May. There are 3 of us confirmed at this stage, on two bikes. We'll probably hire Bajas.

We plan to get from PP - Sen Monorom in a day then spend the next day checking out the sites, such as local waterfall, elephants. Next day, Monday 14th, we'll ride to Kraitie and see if we can spot a dolphin or two in the Mekong. On the 15th we'll head back to PP.

If anyone is interested, we're looking for more to join our group. You can hop on the back of one of our bikes or bring your own. Should be good!