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  1. Hi friends,
    I am Nikhil from Mumbai, India. New to gt-rider. A motorcycle riding enthusiasts. I have rode many places in India.
    Coming to thailand for a week in December. Planning to do mae hong son loop for 3-4 days then I will go to pattaya or any other beach to relax and have some fun. I was searching for information on this and it has got me here in forum. Very informative threads and posts from fellow members. Thank you.
    I am not a off-road lover but I like smooth and curvy roads. I have few queries though.
    can anybody suggest any other loop?
    Is it a good time to visit Thailand in december (mostly 4dec to 12 dec)?
    If anybody is travelling for same dates, I will be happy if you join me in this adventure?
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  2. 4-12 December is one busy week here.

    After the MHS Loop go onto a Golden Triangle / Laos loop

    Start here for info
    Touring Overview

    then move onto here

    This one is a help too
    3 Days/2 Nights Ride From Chiang Rai - Any Recommendations?

    what to see & do
    Chiang Rai Province
    Nan Province
    Phayao Province

    Hope this is a help
    Youve only got a limited about of time by the looks of it & will just scratch the surface. There is too much to see, do & ride.
    I'd forget about the beach - just ride your bike & enjoy some amazing roads. There are good night spots in all the towns if you want to enjoy some night life.
  3. Thanks David. Golden triangle looks interesting. If i ask you to choose between Mae Hong son loop and golden triangle.. what will you suggest?? I may decide on the spot do more loop instead of going to pattaya. But for now, lets say I will ride for 3-4 days only.
    What if I prepone or postpone my travel to November or January, will it be less crowdy??
  4. The earlier before / later after New Year is always better for less traffic.

    Traffic & Roads

    Whatever, you will enjoy yourself the first time & want to come back - you never get first prize in the lottery with your first ticket.
    If you do the MHS loop you are locked into that loop. if you do a GT / Laos border ride there are multiple options & from wherever you are you can make it back to Chiang Mai in a day.
  5. Thanks David. I will decide which loop to do. Reading about Golden triangle ride on internet. Also gathering info about expenses including airfare to and fro from Mumbai, bike hiring (I will go for Honda CB500x or er6n), accomodation hostels, if I go to pattaya I am gonna to do scuba diving too, currency transfers, etc. So lot of information to collect.
  6. Seriously Nikhilch, 3-4 days is not enough time to take in too much. If you are willing to push some hard yards you will miss out on what makes the MHS Loop so great...the loop itself takes 4 days comfortably, staying in Pai, MHS and Mae Sariang then return to Chiang Mai. You will be able to visit some of the tourist stops along the way and enjoy the beautiful locals wherever. If you had the extra time (3 more days), you could do the run down to Mae Sot then across to Sukhothai and then head back to CM. All the roads are full of curves and twists, you will be impressed.
  7. Here is my plan. I will fly from Mumbai to Bangkok on Friday Night, will reach there early morning then i will take next flight to chiang mai. Then spend the saturday, arrange Bike and prepare for ride. Sunday morning I will be starting from Chiang Mai. Lets say I ride for 5 days then i will be returning to CM by Thursday. Then maybe I will go to pattaya (or any other nearest beach you can suggest where I can do scuba and other activities). It will take a day to reach there, I guess. 2-3 days in pattaya and then fly back to Mumbai.

    I guess I will have to apply for more 2-3 days off from my work. Let's see.

  8. How did you go - any feed back?

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