Plastic Fuel tanks Class action

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    Plastic Fuel tanks Class action
    The 2 links below show the extent that Ducati has problems with Defective fuel tanks in USA , on a conservative estimate Ducatt would be liable to replace over 60,000 bikes in USA with steel or Aluminium tanks at an estimated cost in excess of $65million and thats without court costs and possible punitive damages which could put Ducati into bankruptcy .

    A ruling is expected 22nd of july . it will have Federal court power so Ducati will be in deep poo if they loose .

    Now The problem is also being seen in UK and other countries and Ducati knew about this issue with gasohol above 5% when they developed the bikes in 2004 and actually had developed an Aluminium and a steel tank at that time

    remember KTM , Benelli and other also use Acerbis tanks and in USA they have been affected but Ducati have the biggest sales

    download the PDF file off the Top class actions site it makes grim reading

    also to those of you who have the problem in UK or thailand or where ever take these documents PDF etc to your dealer and Ducati UK, trading standars and then let Ducati UK dig themselves into the same deep dark hole that Ducati North america is in .
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    Links not working for me.

    Is THIS the top one?
    And THIS the second one?
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    Yes that it Captain Wally,

    as of today 5 confirmed Ducati tanks warping in UK and thats with only 5% gasohol, now the cat is out of the bag

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