Pp To Ratanakiri Loop

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    Team, looking at very preliminary planning for a March 2018, 1,100KM 10 day motorcycle trip from PP to SM, Banlung, back via ST and Kratie to PP. Finding difficulty with legally riding (and most importantly being covered for Travel Insurance) in Cambodia. Have R-E LAMS motorcycle licence in Australia (essentially able to ride motorbikes under 650cc). As I see I have two options:

    A) Either on arrival or trying to do remotely, try and obtain Cambodian D/L, read US$35 (plus travel agents fee if I use them) and can use my Aust D/L as confirmation of my ability to ride. Anyone ever try and do this? Do you need business visa, or is tourist via OK for getting the licence? Looking at Angkor Motorcycles as seem to have good reputation online and long standing operation.

    B) As I understand no licence required for riding up to 125cc motorcycles. In this case, my Australian D/L will hold for my Travel Insurance. Do you think it would be OK to do the loop on a 125cc scooter? Not planning on riding fast, and roads look OK for most of the trip as far as I can see on google street view and vlogs. Not sure how rear end would feel riding that far on a scooter over 10 days!

    Anyone done this trip in last year? How are the roads? Specifically SM to Banlung? Paved now? Read worst part for roads may be from ST to Kratie,


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