Question about roads north of Bhumiphol dam

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  1. Hi All,

    I am planning to explore the area around the Bhumiphol dam (Tak province) in the near future and looked at road 1264 which runs in a north-westerly direction but eventually seems to hit a dead-end at a mountain ridge. Just across the mountains one can see fields and trails again on Google Earth and the 'missing link' seems to be only about 2 km long (as the crow flies) so I wonder whether the locals actually have trails to get across.
    Has anybody ever surveyed the end of road 1264 and knows whether there is a way through so you can eventually link up with the 1087?

    Pleased to hear.


  2. Hiya Frank!

    Yes, according to OpenStreetMaps there is a trail that connects Baan Huai Ya Sai at the end of 1264 to the 4040 which connects to the 1087 in Mae Ping National Park.

    [h=1]OpenStreetMap[/h] [h=2]The Free Wiki World Map[/h]
  3. Thanks Tony! Will check it out in December, next beer is on me :)
  4. Cheers Frank!

    Some of the fellas at Siam Enduro Club told me that there are fantastic trails in that area and I'm quite keen to go exploring up there too!

    If you scroll around on the OSM maps you can see lots of interesting looking trails to the west and southwest of the reservoir.

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy2:

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